An obvious choice as one of our top 15 sexiest movie geek girls of the last decade, Olivia Wilde knows how to keep us geeks glued to the TV screen.

Howard Wolowitz’s engineering degree from MIT has always given him the freedom to explore his options to “create” his own girlfriend. We would like to think that if he ever succeeded that the end result would be something similar to Olivia Wilde’s Quorra  in “Tron: Legacy”. The gorgeous actress portrays one of the last Isomorphic Algorithms (or ISOs) in the geeky movie. She is basically a program that spontaneously evolved on “The Grid”, as opposed to being created by someone.

Cyber sexy has a new meaning thanks to Olivia Wilde! Here’s our tribute to the sex Olivia Wilde with our Olivia Wilde Wallpaper Collection, enjoy:

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Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 1

Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 2

Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 3

Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 4Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 5 Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 6 Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 7 Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 8

Olivia Wilde Wallpaper 9


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