About Us

About Us

Geekshizzle, something to “shoot the breeze” as you plow through the week!


The GeekShizzle Team:


Co-owner and Editor


I’m a Geek, Metal-Head, Movie-Buff, Series-Whore, Early-Adopter or Gadget-Lover. I Love doing this!


– If I could I would live in Middle Earth.

– Sometimes I wake up  and wonder if this is the real world, or a dream world.

– I stay in South Africa, and work in IT.

To this day:

  • ..I regret melting my awesome LEGO Jet in front of the blazing hot heater.
  • ..
  • ..


Geekshizzle is who I am, its the digital representation of my mental self. What I love, think, watch, discuss, listen to and read in “life” is what you see here on Geekshizzle.

Contact: FC@GeekShizzle.com


GeekShizzle Contributors:



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