Not too long ago we started our journey to find the sexiest music videos on the planet. We already posted the Sexiest Videos of All Time with the focus on old-school and contemporary music videos, and we also picked our Sexiest Music Videos of 2013. We then decided to expose the Top 20 Sexiest Dance Music Videos of All Time which is receiving a fair amount of attention for good reason. This time round we are turning up the heat again with a very sexy selection of rock music videos to cheer up your day! We always advise our readers to exercise caution, extreme hotness is about to burn up your screen, some of these bad girls are NSFW! Please take note: we entered the selected clips in no particular order, the numbers are for easy tracking purposes. There are so many that could be the number one pick!

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Top 25 Sexiest Dance Music Videos of All Time


Top 20 Sexiest Dance Music Videos of All Time

Check out our Top 25 Sexiest Rock Music Videos of All Time

1. Leather Hands – “Vertical Lines”

Oh boy! This is truly one of those situations where it doesn’t really matter what you have to say to defend your animalistic caveman tendencies when the primal instincts kick in. Leather Hands’ music video for ‘Vertical Lines’ illustrates how easy it is to capture the attention of most warm-blooded men who appreciates the female form. It is one of the most mind-boggling facts that scientists need to explain to us…the gravitational pull of fantastically shaped glorious boobs! It’s damn hard to be a guy sometimes. BTW: Ever heard of Leather Hands before? Neither did we, till the boob centric video.

2. Fountains Of Wayne – “Stacy’s Mom”

Lead singer Adam Schlesinger’s song which was partly inspired by one of his best friends telling him that “his grandmother was really hot” made huge headlines upon its release back in 2003. Apart from the fact that it is still an incredibly catching song, the music video is even better with some extremely hot visuals courtesy of Rachel Hunter who plays the titular mom. The video pays homage to the 1982 movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” with several comedic scenes illustrating the boy’s attempts to get closer to Stacy’s mother.


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3. Zebrahead – “Playmate of the Year”

Rock fans will probably not remember Zebrahead’s breakthrough album in 2000, “Playmate of the Year”. Most potato couches might be very familiar with their wildly popular music video for their title track of the same name. The music video features the group of musicians spending time at the Playboy mansion while surrounded by a plethora of bikini beauties. Nuff said!


4. The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die

Any guys familiar with Taylor Momsen before the days of performing in The Pretty Reckless will remember the innocent blonde school girl from “Gossip Girl”. The series that brought us a whole lot of teenage gossip also spawned the likes of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester come to think of it. While Lively and Meester continued their film careers, Momsen decided to jump off the Hollywood train for a while to pursue a career in music. The music video for “Make Me Wanna Die” really separated her from the innocent days as a perfect school girl. She is featured in the clip stripping down to her birthday suit while performing the song.

5. Marilyn Manson – “Mobscene”

There are few things sexier than woman performing “Rockette” dancing while dressed in military style lingerie. The burlesque style video is also enhanced with a scene of the modern pin-up girl and Manson’s former wife Dita Von Teese splashing about in a giant martini glass. We are pretty sure that 007 will have his favorite beverage shaken or stirred if Von Teese was dipping in it.

6. Aerosmith – “Crazy”

Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler will forever be remembered as the ultimate teenage girl combo of the 90’s. Aerosmith’s Crazy is one of the most requested and most played music videos on MTV. It was also Alicia’s third appearance in the band’s videos, as well as the career debut of Steven Tyler’s then-teenaged daughter Liv. The sexy duo is seen running away from home for a fun-filled adventure that includes skinny dipping, some very frisky photo booth pictures and the famous amateur stripping contest which they obviously won!

7. My Darkest Days – “Porn Star Dancing”

The term “Porn Star Dancing” has not been coined by as yet, but I’m pretty sure we know exactly what “My Darkest Days” are referring to right? It goes without saying that hundreds of beautiful girls flaunting their curves are the right way to raising temperatures in any music video. Pole dancing or strip dancing seems to be the easiest fail safe for any musician looking to create a video clip with some added spice.

8. Avenged Sevenfold – “Beast and the Harlot”

A7x’s music video for “Beast and the Harlot” seems a tad short on beasts from what we can see. That being said, no one ever complained about the fact while all eyes are firmly fixed upon the hot pole dancing harlots. It is always a winning formula to employ the 100% fail safe for any music video: Hot Girls, Good Music and a Stripper Pole!

9. Papa Roach – “…To Be Loved”

If burlesque aerialists on swings, girls in chains and extravagant fire displays are your thing, then click play and enjoy Papa Roach’s video for “…To Be Loved”. The rock burlesque style cinematography taken in a club which could feature Blade as a bouncer with his trusty sword in hand, is the perfect setting for a song about rockers searching for love…or something of the sorts.

10. Lit – “Miserable”

There is nothing to be “Miserable” about once you lay your eyes upon Pamela Anderson’s fine humps in the music video for Lit’s breakthrough song. The band is seen performing on pam’s fine body parts, right up until the end when the Baywatch icon devours them. Wearing a white bikini and platform shoes, Pam chases down the band members one by one for a quick afternoon snack. She is also quite tasty in the music video!

11. The White Stripes – “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”

The White Stripes really employed the golden fail safe for any music video to perfection. We highly doubt that a song featuring vocals, drums and a guitar only, will not benefit with the addition of Kate Moss pole dancing in her underwear. The addition of the 90’s sex icon and supermodel performing her sexy dances really captured the simplicity of the Burt Bacharach cover by The White Stripes.

12. Bloodhound Gang – “The Ballad Of Chasey Lain”

Who can forget the most depraved and pervertiest band of the 2000’s. Bloodhound Gang is popular for all the wrong reasons due to their sexually charged songs and equally questionable music videos. The music video for “The Ballad Of Chasey Lain” features the band singing in a studio while they are being filmed. It seems innocent at first, till you discover that the entire film crew is female and they are prancing around in their birthday suits. I’m sure no one would have scolded the band members if they missed a note or two…or three.

13. Aerosmith – “Girls of Summer”

There are so many reasons to love Steven Tyler’s band, but most of those reasons usually involves Aerosmith’s amazing music videos. The video for “Girls of Summer” was filmed in South Beach, featuring the three most appropriate women that you want to see in bikinis on the same screen. Jaime Pressly, Nichole Robinson, and Kim Smith are featured as they enjoy a wild sun soaked weekend together. The sexy sirens spend most of their time dancing, drinking and breaking hearts.

14. Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle”

It’s such a pity that Jimmy Eat World couldn’t keep the momentum going with the release of their breakthrough song “The Middle”. So many good things were said about these guys back in the day when they first crashed onto the music scene with one of the sexiest music videos at the time. The slumber/house party themed video really brought back some really good memories.


15. Bloodhound Gang – “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo”

The Bloodhound Gang is featured on our list for a second time with their Satisfaction-esque music video. Woman handling power tools in bikinis have always fascinated men for obvious reasons. All those beautiful lady part bouncing uncontrollably seems to induce a form of hypnosis in the male brain. Be careful now!


16. Hinder – “Lips Of An Angel”

It seems highly unfair that the lead singer Austin Winkler is singing about the gorgeous girl (the lovely Emmanuelle Chriqui) that got away, while a perfect 10 blonde is waiting for him “in the next room”. The addition of Chriqui is reason enough to include “Lips Of An Angel” on our list of sexy rock songs. The stunning brunette has been the eye-catching girl of Entourage to our delight for 31 episodes.


17. Weezer – “Beverly Hills”

It is safe to say that any rock band given the opportunity to record a music video at the playboy mansion has hit the big time. Weezer has already been a big deal way before the making of the “Beverly Hills” music video, but what better way is there to tell the world that the seemingly geeky band members of one of our favorite acts have hit the jackpot on all levels. Hef’s previous favorite three blondes are featured in the video which also includes an undisclosed number of seriously hot bikini models.


18. Velvet Revolver – “Dirty Little Thing”

Velvet Revolver takes a train ride with the hottest conductors recorded in history. The cringeworthy idea of considering public transport will receive an immediate double thumbs up if all conductors were even remotely as attractive. Now fill the train with attractive girls in sexy outfits and have Velvet Revolver perform to boost your travelling experience!


19. Warrant – “Cherry Pie”

We have a couple of raised eyebrows when a girl’s name in a music video is Bobbi Brown to be perfectly honest. Luckily the video is not referring to the occasional rapper from the 80’s while sporting a tight-fitting waitress outfit. The blonde Bobbi from the music video is far more memorable as she stumbles around in her roller-skates. The bombshell reminds us why jean shorts were such a huge hit in the 80’s, in fact…they are still a huge hit thanks to woman like Bobbi!

20. The Offspring – “Want You Bad”

Even though the music video for Offspring’s “Want You Bad” is not extremely hot on the sexy scale, one can’t deny the scene with the drop dead gorgeous brunette seducing the douchebag towards the end of the clip. We are still questioning the big beer can finale!


21. Chris Isaak – “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing”

Remember that one time when French model Laetitia Casta stripped while Chris Isaak sang that song? Check out the video to refresh your memory if it slipped your memory over the last couple of years. She is videotaped in a motel room gyrating all her mama gave her while she is being watched by Isaak. The video was ranked #28 on VH1’s 50 Sexiest Video Moments, and that equals an immediate entry on our list of sexiest rock music videos!


22. Robert Palmer – “Simply Irresistible”

The 80’s is popular for many things which include The A-Team, “US Drought” of 88, Commodore 64, Platoon and obviously Robert Palmer’s epic “Simply Irresistible” music video. Probably one of the most talked about music videos in history, the woman featured in the clip perfectly captures what most men would consider irresistible. Perfect 10 models strut their stuff and play instruments while wearing tight dresses and high heels. That is simply irresistible!


23. Marilyn Manson – “Tainted Love”

The video for Marilyn Manson’s cover of Tainted Love features the artist and some of his goth buds crashing a high school party. The clip features several characters from the film “Not Another Teen Movie”, which features Manson’s cover on the official soundtrack. How can we forget the lovely (and very fit I might add) Jaime Pressly who portrayed a cheerleader in the music video and in the feature film. The most curious scene in the video shows a bunch of woman dressed in lingerie while wearing the headpieces of bunny costumes. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “house bunny” now doesn’t it!


24. Chris Isaak – “Wicked Game”

Seen as the original sexiest music video ever, Chris Isaak had the perfect formula. The combination of the song, the black & white film, the extremely sexy Helena Christensen and the very seductive close-up shots on the beach remains priceless. This is as hot and romantic as music videos get, proving that showing less sometimes is more.

25. Fiona Apple – “Criminal”

Fiona Apple proved that big budget music videos aren’t always the best way to sell albums. Let’s take a look at her music video “Criminal” for instance, the beautiful singer is seen sitting around in her underwear as she delivers her lyrics. Most guys were probably more interested in the skin flashy visuals than her actual singing, should that be considered criminal…hell no!?