Where does one begin to compile a top 10 sexiest wallpapers collection to one of the undeniably hottest woman on the planet? Kate Upton is well known for he Sports Illustrated modelling career, and doing a search using google will return thousands of not tens of thousands of photos of the stunner in a bikini.

It was a tedious job and we had to go through millions of pages of the beautiful model. We decided to list our sexiest kate upton wallpapers, for your enjoyment.

Kate Upton received a lot of attention lately due to the now infamous “The Fappening” nude image hack where she was among other a list celebs that saw their iCloud accounts hacked containing rather explicit nude photos.

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But, we care not for these illegal and photos that are extremely private, we give tribute to the star by remembering her as she is meant to be. In a bikini on a beach. That is pure heaven! Let’s call these the post fappening Kate Upton Wallpapers.

If you managed to land on this page hoping you would find some of these photos then you are out of luck.

Kate Upton Wallpaper 2 Kate Upton Wallpaper 1 Kate Upton Wallpaper 8 op7y-12049  Kate-Upton 25  Kate Upton Wallpaper 7 Kate Upton Wallpaper 6 kate-upton-body-paint-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-body-paint-10 Kate Upton Wallpaper 5 Kate Upton Wallpaper 4 Kate Upton Wallpaper 3


Images courtesy of SI and Google