As we’re sitting here typing we can hardly believe another Comic Con is over. It’s time to sit back and look at the winners, losers and the biggest surprises announced at the annual San Diego Comic Con. Last year was a pretty epic Comic Con. We had the Batman vs. Superman announcement, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron as well as Loki on stage. How does this compare with this years Comic Con? Who won this years San Diego Comic Con 2014?



Marvel had a big presence this year as expected. But apart from the actors doing interviews and a pretty great booth with props, there was really nothing as spectacular as last apart from the first footage shown for the Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie. We saw plenty of art released for these movies in the form of posters. But posters? C’mon this is Comic Con! The footage shown was without a doubt the highlight though, this had fans going crazy! Catch the description of the footage here. Sadly, this footage will never be released on the interwebs.

Ant-Man had a few announcements regarding actors, and their roles. Check-all the details and panel interview here.

Marvel also announced the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The cracked Captain America shield on display got us talking and we took a look who can break Captain America’s shield here.

Were we as impressed as last year? Definitely!



Main rival to Marvel was DC. They had Ben Affleck on stage doing interviews, which may be considered a very brave move considering the backlash when he was named as the new Batman. But, DC also showed footage Played the now infamous footage of Batman vs. Superman. The footage sounds absolutely fantastic. Here’s a description of the footage:

It began with Affleck’s Caped Crusader standing atop a Gotham rooftop on a rainy night; his eyes then light up solid white, before he removes a tarp and reveals the Batsignal underneath. Following that, the camera track up towards the sky, revealing Cavill’s Superman hovering in the spotlight; he looks extremely angry, as his eyes light up red, preparing to fire his heat vision. Cue the film’s official logo.

leaked batman v superman

We also had a proper look at the Batman cape and mask, displayed at the DC booth.

DC also made a couple of announcements regarding the TV series Arrow. The main villain is going to be Ra’s al Ghul. We also saw some more promotional footage for the Arrow spin-off series Flash.

We also saw our first footage of Wonder Woman, in a bronze costume. We weren’t as impressed with this. Why does Zack Snyder hate colours? Give us the classic Wonder Woman costume!



If we had to choose a winner for this years Comic Con, the Legendary would be it. They had a couple of huge announcements. First up was the Mad Max: Fury road footage shown. We we’re blown away at how good this movie looks. Luckily, the footage was releases online, and we have it below:

Ideally, you’d want your screen to open up to IMAX size to watch this new Mad Max footage, because it is staggeringly huge. Director George Miller described the film as being right in line with his three previous Max films — “a very simple allegory, almost a Western on wheels.”

But there’s nothing simple about the footage we saw. It may not have much dialogue, and it really is a car chase… but saying it is “just” a car chase is to wildly undersell what Miller has made. This trailer featured what appears to be the ultimate car chase, starting with the DNA of The Road Warrior, but then opening up into incredible vistas and blasts of action that go far beyond what Miller has put on-screen in the past. It was incredible to see.

Next up was the two big announcements, Godzilla 2 and King Kong. Wow. We’re still very suspicious as to why they were announced together. Although officially still two separate movies, we suspect that Legendary may have something up their sleeve here, and maybe…just maybe it will be a Godzilla vs. King Kong movie. Legendary went all out with the Godzilla 2 clip shown. Showing some epic monster battles followed by one quote “Expect more“. This is what we want to hear!



Sadly we have to identify a few losers at this years Comic Con. These guys just didn’t pitch at this years Comic Con as we expected.

Fox – With Fantastic Four in production, and nothing on display but no logo they sure didn’t put us at ease that this reboot is headed in the right direction. Show us something, anything! but absolutely nothing does not bode well for us fans looking forward to this movie.

Disney – Although we are excited as hell to see this movie, sadly at Comic Con te presence of the new Star Wars Episode VII movie was just not up to standard. they had zero new announcements. Granted their saving it for later Disney events, but Comic Con is the perfect place to keep the buzz going. Disney also lost out on any Dr. Strange announcements. How long will we go on guessing who Dr. Strange will be?  Give us something!

What do you think? What was your highlights and let-downs of this years Comic Con?

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[Source: Marvel vs DC – Who Won Comic Con 2014]