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10 Contenders Remain in the VFX Oscar Race

[ad_1] 10 contenders remain in the VFX Oscar race The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced that 10 films remain in the running in the Visual Effects category for the 89th Academy Awards. The films are listed below in alphabetical order: Arrival...

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Samantha Hoopes Is The New Carl’s Jr. Burger Girl

The new Carl’s Jnr burger advert might be the proof we needed that sex sells, don’t you think? Samantha Hoopes is the latest super sexy model to get the famous first taste of a Carl's Jr. new burger. Previously we saw Charlotte McKinney as well as the now famour Emily...

Top Sexiest Charlotte McKinney GIF Gallery

Charlotte McKinney is well known here at GeekShizzle. After bursting onto the scene in the new Carl's Jr. Burgers commercial shes been dubbed as the next Kate Upton. It's not difficult to see, as you can...uhhmmm...see. Today we present to you 10 smashing new animated...

Meet The 10 New And Super Sexy Victoria Secret Models

We may as well start things off with lingerie giant, Victoria’s Secret, who have revealed the addition of 10 new angels to their stable of runway ponies. No Candice Swanepoel for us South Africans, but there's something for everyone. Also, while many campaigned hard...

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