I remember it clearly: The loading screens, the story, the character profile pictures, everything. I remember Baldur’s gate. As a kid Baldur’s gate was my first real introduction into Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). I started out with games such as Space Quest, Police quest and all the other “Quest” games, then moved onto the magnificent turn based Baldur’s Gate.

It was the game that introduced me to fantasy, role-playing and the magnificent world of myth and fiction.

I played just about all CRPG’s (Classic Role-Playing games) that followed after Baldur’s Gate. Here’s a short list:

  1. Neverwinter Nights
  2. Dragon Age Series
  3. Divinity
  4. Icewind Dale
  5. Pillars of Eternity
  6. Heroes of Might and Magic

This intro brings me to the reason for this post: We are getting a Baldur’s Gate 3. 18 years after Baldur’s Gate 2 we are finally getting a Baldur’s Gate 3! 18 years after we last ventured through Baldur’s Gate, it’s back with one of PC gaming’s most exciting RPG studios at the helm. Larian is combining the best of Divinity: Original Sin and Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Developer Larian and Wizards of the Coast stopped by the PC Gaming Show to talk about how Baldur’s Gate 3 came about and share some more details about the game. You can watch their conversation in the video above.

The Tldr; Relax, Baldur’s Gate 3 is in good hands!

Without further ado, here’s everything we know about Baldur’s Gate 3:

1. It will be developed by Larian Studios.

2. It will fully adapt D&D 5th edition rules into the game.

3. It’s been about 100 in-world years since the events of Baldur’s Gate 2

4. Baldur’s Gate 3 will definitely be available on PC/Steam

5. The bad guys we will be fighting (mainly) are the mind flayers. are an ancient and terrifying force in the Dungeons and Dragons universe. They live in the Underdark and have powerful psionic abilities. They are able to mind control other sentient beings and like to feed on their brains for sustenance. They frequently keep slaves to do their bidding and serve as a convenient snack.”The mind flayers have rediscovered the secret of nautiloids,” Larian founder Swen Vincke tells PC Gamer. “Those are big problems! If you know D&D lore, especially Volo’s Guide, you’ll know they used to rule the Astral Plane, but they lost it all and had to flee to the Underdark or they’d be exterminated by the githyanki. They want to restore their empire, so we see the mind flayers invading a city, with a nautaloid, so you can imagine what might happen. But it’s not what you’ll expect!”

6. As custodians of Dungeons and Dragons Wizards of the Coast are involved in clearing storylines and keeping the D&D lore consistent. The quality of Divinity: Original Sin 2 convinced Wizards of the Coast to greenlight Baldur’s Gate 3.

7. Here’s the official website: https://baldursgate3.game/

8. Watch the first hilarious cimmunity update from Larian Studios here:

9. There is a super gruesome yet chillingly awesome uncut trailer you can watch here:

What do you guys think? Excited? I Really hope there is an EPIC collector’s edition!