Top 15 Sexiest Car Wash Music Videos of All Time

Car wash centric music videos are always a winner, no matter who is singing the accompanied song with the visuals. Everything should go according to plan as long as the director applies the fail safe formula that includes lots of soap, water, awesome cars and sexy girls. Most of the songs selected on our list have not received any commercial attention but they sure have incredibly hot music videos. We set out to take on the challenge of finding the most jaw dropping videos out there! We already posted the Sexiest Videos of All Time with the focus on old-school and contemporary music videos, and we also picked our Sexiest Music Videos of 2013. This time round we turn up the heat with a very sexy selection of soapy Car Wash Music Videos to cheer up your day! Be careful now, extreme hotness is about to burn up your screen, some of these bad girls are NSFW! Please take note: we entered the selected clips in no particular order, the numbers are for easy tracking purposes. There are so many that could be the number one pick!

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Check out our Top 15 Sexiest Car Wash Music Videos of All Time:

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1. Jessica Simpson – “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”

Jessica Simpson truly impressed “Dukes of Hazard” fans with her sexy song and car wash scene for the 2005 big screen adaptation. Unfortunately the movie failed to impress critics and moviegoers alike, but at least we get to see Jessica doing her thing while sponging down a 1969 Dodge Charger.

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2. Moby – “Ooh Yeah”

Who could have predicted that three girls are required to wash down a little mini? I’m sure at least ten hot girls are required right? The 70’s “Boogie Nights-esque” music video seems right for Dirk Diggler to drop by for a cameo.


3. 12 Дискотека Авария Суровый рэп

Even Bing had trouble to translate the title for us but in a nutshell, expect a rapper video with some thongs and lots of soap……and cars! Google says it is “12 Disco Crash Severe Rap” ok?


4. KRUM – NAY – DOBRATA – Крум – Най – добрата

We are still not sure what the title is saying despite our effort to translate, but It seems to refer to something that is “best”, and we can confirm that this music video is indeed one of the best car wash vids out there. The clip only sports one ridiculously attractive girl and a red Jaguar, less is more!


5. Nic Billington – “Vixen”

The overly groomed Nic Billington managed to convince a leggy blonde to was a Yellow Honda (we assume it’s his)….and a fine job she did too!

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6. E-Type – “Rain”

Even though the music video refers to a heartbreaking rainy day, we find ourselves staring at super cars, excessive oil spill incidents and some heavy grinding….. and yes…..bikini workshop girls! Thank you rain!?

7. Rafa Romero – “Que No Acabe”

Rafa Romero’s music video literally looks like a professional “Stripper CV” for a medical student trying to pay her tuition….or so we imagine the conversation would go at first. It’s a very slow, soapy, sexy car wash video with not a lot of car washing.


8. Robbie Rivera vs. Billy Paul W. – “Sex”

The GoGo cowboy girl style inspired music video for a song with a not so subtle title seems to be rather fitting don’t you think? Is that a Charger again, damn we need to get one of those?!


9. МАМА АБАМА – “Американо”

The two colorfully dressed artists are rapping about the U.S. (we assume) in a song called “Mama Obama – American”. The totally confusing music video is still worth the watch with all the antics as they break out the bikini girls for some much-needed eye candy. The stripes and stars are very patriotic, or favoring the U.S. in some way or…damn it… if we could only understand what Laurel and Hardy was rapping about!


10. Crystal Lake – “Your Style”

Wedding stripper car wash music videos might be a new thing soon but for now, it seems only Crustal Lake has this covered. They also casually perform some maintenance on the vehicle and spontaneously break out into a wild dance. Love the old 1960’s Bonneville, true classic!

11. Intenso Project ft. Lisa Scott-Lee – “Get It On”

Taking your girlfriend to a car wash that employs extremely hot girls to scrub down your windows will apparently leave her in a state of severe jealousy. The cure? She will inadvertently begin to kiss you to try and win your attention? Well, it seemed to work for this guy!


12. Sasha Dith – “Russian Girls”

Russian Girls……and plenty of them in cameo bikinis. They seem to be undercover agents conducting an interrogation but they also want to wash your car for some reason. Don’t ask any questions, just let them soap up and slap you I say. What else can we expect from Russia?

13. Narcotic Thrust – “When The Dawn Breaks”

It’s an all hot babe affair with scantily clad ladies racing cars, dancing in fiery backdrops and scrubbing down 10 second speedsters. Need I say more?


This guy has it covered. Step 1: Secure yourself a Mercedes Benz (any model will do by the look of things). Step Two: Get your swag on with some sun glasses and show some chest hair. Step 3: Don’t forget to iron your favorite pair of white shorts! Step 4: Welcome the waiting line of hot girls to wash your car. It’s that simple apparently!


15. Лияна – Кой е той / Liyana – Koi e toi

Remember that one time when that really hot brunette stopped at our crappy desert establishment and brought her own little stereo to entertain us with her equally attractive friends? – Says Billy Joe Never!