Artist keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to music videos these days and 2013 has been no exception with it being one of the hottest, sexiest years in terms of music videos. There’s been more ‘naked artist’ videos this year compared to any other year (as far as we can recall) and the year isn’t even over yet. There’s a thin line between sexy, and slutty. We tried to draw this line and give you our Top 10 sexiest music videos of 2013, in no particular order:

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The Top 10 Sexiest Music Videos of 2013 (so far)


1. Ciara – Body Party

In one of this video’s later scenes, Ciara gives a private steamy striptease, seductively writhing in black lingerie for her real-life boyfriend, rapper Future.



2. Foals – Late Night

The cycle of life goes into full spin in the Brit buzz band’s shocking but arty clip, as under the roof of a single dilapidated hotel building, a woman gives birth, a man hangs himself, and a naked couple does the deed. Foals are one of this summer’s pre-eminent festival bands, but it’s a cruel summer for them indeed in this intense video.

Due to the nature of this video we will not be able to post a direct link, but we’re sure you know how to find it.



3. Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision

The song “Tunnel Vision” was launched on the internet on 3 July, featuring Justin Timberlake doing the usual song and dance with the added spicy bits featuring beautiful nude models.

Due to the nature of this video we will not be able to post a direct link, but we’re sure you know how to find it. You can read more about this racy video here.


4. Britney Spears – Work B**ich

Britney sure knows how to make sexy videos, if we had to make a ‘All time Sexiest Music Videos’ list she would feature on there more than once. In this Ben Mor-directed video Britney breaks out a whip whilst dressed in a very tiny leather outfit, whipping one of her dancers whilst the young lady is crawling on her knees. The video has been banned for UK audiences. This may be nothing compared to her ‘Slave for you‘ video, yet it still she earns her a spot in this years list.


5. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Continuing with her downward spiral into rebellion and sensationalism, Miley released ‘Wrecking Ball’. The slow ballad is from her forthcoming album “Bangerz”. The video features the “Hannah Montana” actress wearing nothing but a pair of Doc Martens atop a wrecking ball. There is the occasional sledgehammer lick and almost too revealing camera angle that gives away all she has to offer. Also worth mentioning is this video where a creepy Looking Nicolas Cage was edited into Miley’s video.


6. Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell

Robin Thicke’s music video (ft. T.I., Pharrell) – Blurred Lines, has become one of the most watched music videos during the last 2 months. The featured YouTube link however, is not the version everyone is raving about. The censored version has received an impressive 195 million hits, which leaves us wondering how many hits the uncensored version has achieved? Due to the “nudity or sexual content” violation policy, YouTube flagged the provocative uncensored version. Needless to say, the music video features three models as the centre of attention with one standing out in particular.


This was of course the video that kick-started model Emily Ratajkowski‘s career. She can also be seen in this GQ shoot where there’s definitely no blurred lines, as well as news of her first movie where she will star opposite Ben Affleck.

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Here’s the censored video:



7. Rihanna – Stay ft. Mikky Ekko

Rihanna spends the entire song in a bathtub, expressing her sorrows in this slow song. It’s sitting on a total of 200 million Youtube views, that should say something.

rihanna Stay

8. Iggy Azalea – Change Your Life Featuring T.I

The music video pays homage to the likes of Lady Gaga in a way, with occasional “skin scenes” which leaves little to the imagination. Azalea, originally from Mullumbimby, New South Wales Australian, gained popularity when her music videos for two controversial songs  (Pu$$y and “Two Times”) went viral on YouTube. She has been a fan of rap music since the age of 11, and cites rapper Tupac and Missy Elliott as major influences. She received critical acclaim becoming the first female, non-American rapper to be featured on XXL magazine’s annual “Top 10 Freshman” cover issue in 2012.

9. Rihanna – Pour it Up

Rihanna takes it to the next level with her Video ‘Pour it Up’. Perhaps this video goes past sexy and is can almost be seen as slutty, similar to what Christina Aguilera did with ‘Dirrty’ back in 2002. Rihanna portrays a type of Strip-house queen, and we get to see a lot of her wearing very little, doing a lot of twerking. Rihanna is known for uploading even more revealing images via instagram.

10. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne – High School

This vide sees a Nicki Minaj wearing only a bikini with a shirtless Lil Wayne. But it is the bedroom scene that puts it on this list where Her Minajesty and Weezy gets busy in the bedroom.


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