With HearthStone officially out  of  BETA, no doubt more players will be trying their luck with this Highly addictive turn based game from Blizzard. If you are new to HearthStone, fear not because we have everything right here that will assist you in learning the basics, to winning!

We have created a entire range of posts and tutorials that will get you going. Follow our Complete Beginners Guide to HearthStone:

1. Choosing a Hero and the type of Decks available

This tutorial will take you through the process  and tips on how to start playing. How to choose a Hero, what Deck types there are, and some strategic tips on actual in-game skills. Click here to go to our Hero and Deck types Tutorial.
You can also have a look at the official Blizzard Tutorial video:


2. Taunts and Damage Spells

In this tutorial we explain Taunts and Damage Spells. They are critical to building up a solid defence, and finishing off your opponent. Click here to go to our Taunts and Damage Spells Tutorial.


3. Warlock Tips and Tricks

We play with the Warlock, and we have built up specific tips and tricks on how to play with the Warlock, and the best legendary card to have, Lord Jaraxxus. Click here to go to our Warlock Guide, and here to go to our Lord Jaraxxus guide.

HearthStone BETA

4. Getting more Cards

You can only get so far with the basic deck of available cards, you need to acquire more cards and this tutorial will take you through it.


5. Best Warlock players to follow

We’ve kept tabs on some of the best Warlock players out there, and although the ladders changes a lot, these guys have shown up most regularly as tournament winners and top Warlock players. Click here to view the best Warlock players to follow.


6. When to Attack the Hero and when to attack the Deck

This is a critical question and one we have to decide on in just about every turn. Do damage to the opposing Hero, or clear the deck? This tutorial will take you through it.


7. The most Popular Neutral Cards

Although some of these got nerfed with some of the patches, they still remain some of the strongest and most attainable cards to have. Use them wisely. Here’s a list of the most popular neutral cards.


8. The Top 50 Players

We’ve been trying hard to keep track of the best players of each test season, this updated list will give you an idea on who the best players are. We will continue to update this ladder until Blizzard gives us a proper ladder system.


HearthStone 1

Lastly, browse through the rest of our HearhStone posts to see more videos of close games, and tips on how to become a master!