HearthStone is all about Cards. Your ability to play the right card at the right time, and predict when to hold a card and not play it is crucial to becoming a good HearthStone player. But, if you don’s have good cards, then your expert abilities can only get you so far.

The fact is this: You need a great deck of cards. A deck consists of 30 cards. Today we’re going to look at how to get great cards and the various ways you can go about obtaining cards in HearthStone.

HearthStone Strategy – How to get more Cards:


1. Pick Cards from the available library

hearthstone_badcards heartstone cards

Any player can pick cards from the library of “common” cards available. These are the cards that the majority of players are playing with. Once you start some of these common cards are still locked, but as you play more of them become available. It does not take long to have all of the common cards available for you to choose from.


2. Crafting Cards


In HearthStone you can craft cards. Crafting involves using arcane dust in order to ‘build’ a card. When you want to craft a card you can choose the card that is currently unavailable, and build it using available arcane dust. Obviously you need enough arcane dust to craft the really good cards, which are really expensive. Lord Jaraxxus will set you back 1400 arcane dust. You get arcane dust by destroying cards you do not want. For example: You may have picked up a card that is specific to the Druid class, and because you are playing Warlock you will never use this card. Disenchant/Destroy it to get anything from 5-400 arcane dust depending on the level/epicness of the card. We’re busy saving up for Lord Jaraxxus, and boy it’s taking forever… we’re sitting on 700 available arcane dust.


3. Buy Cards


Obviously Blizzard wants to make some money out of this, and they make it by selling card packs. 5 Cards make 1 pack, and the costs are below. You can either spend real money, or use gold you pick up completing daily quests. they guarantee that every pack has at least one rare or higher valued card.


Here’s the Blizzard video explaining the various ways to obtain cards:


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