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This is our fourth HearthStone Strategy Guide that we’re putting together with helpful hints, tips and techniques that we pick up as we play. They may stretch from beginner to more intermediate level.

In today’s guide we will look at a few combinations specific to the Warlock class. We’ve been playing Warlock and love how different the Warlock is from other classes. The Warlock is primarily a ranged class with a strong ability to clear the board rather swiftly with damage spells. Also with the smart use of its ‘dealing-damage-to-itself’ cards it makes the Warlock a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s have a look at some card combinations for the Warlock that we’ve found works really well, HearthStone Strategy Guide – Warlock Tips and Tricks:


1. Early Game – Imp Spam

In early game using Blood Imps to boost your minions health +1 works very well. We don’t attack with our Blood Imp which means because he has stealth, your opponent cannot remove his easily from the board unless he deals a “damage to all enemy minions” spell.

Using Voidwalkers or Fire Imps in combination with your Blood Imps creates a very deadly early board. Few other classes can create an offence with Fire Imp (3/3) and VoidWalker (1/4) in your second round.

Blood Imp Voidwalker Flame Imp


After adding this line on the board, we love using Imp Master. Imp Master loses 1 health every turn but spawns a 1/1 Imp. If you have two Blood Imps on board this means your Imp Master will Spam for 7 rounds, and your Imps will have 1/3!

Important: You need a good Taunt minion on the board to protect your Imp Master. Also, if you have Dire Wolf Alpha then even better, this means your VoidWalker now has 2/6. For a 1 mana Voidwalker this is priceless!

imp master impDire Wolf Alpha

These cards by no means create an effective attack, if you add all the attacking stats for these cards you get +5 a turn max. Which is very low. But at this point you should have a solid defence if you manage to protect these minions well with Taunt minions.


2. Early and Mid Game – Clear and Attack

By now you should be able to clear some of the opponents early units with your imps. You can now focus on healing them, or increasing your offensive power. We love using Darkscale Healer on our Imp Master, giving her another 2 rounds of spamming Imps. Or rolling our Succubus. By now you should have used your core cards you do not want to lose by summoning Succubus. Lots of people don’t like using succubus because of the ‘Discard Random card’ Battlecry, but for 2 mana getting a 4/3 minion on the board, it’s really worth it.

We also like throwing in Razorfen Hunter into the mix, She summons a 1/1 boar. This is perfect in keeping your Imps and especially Imp Master alive.

Lastly we beef up our defence with Defender of Argus to further boost our Imps and give them Taunt. If you have a Pit Lord, now is a good time to wake him up!

Darkscale healerRazorfen hunter Defender of Argus


3. Mid to Late Game – Finish Him!

We must say that our mid to late game is our weakest part of our strategy at this point. We really struggle to finish our opponent off. Often this is where they make a comeback after we completely controlled the board. We’re still picking up tips as we go along, but here’s a few things we’ve tried:

Seeing as we have a really defensive strategy, we end up using the following cards for either further defence or attack:

Lord of the Arena Booty bay bodyguard Senjin


We also like using:

RAvenholdt Stormwind Champion



4. Spells

We like to keep our Direct Hero damage spells for the end of the game, but this does not always work if you summon Succubus or other cards were you have to discard a random card. But, in an ideal situation use any of these spells throughout the game, early, mid or late:

drain life Soulfire Shadow bolt


What do you think? Any advise? We hope this guide has given you some ideas on how to play Warlock. If you have suggestions, specifically on end-game let us know in the comments.

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