If there is one card we desperately want in our HearthStone deck, then it is Lord Jaraxxus! Seriously this card not only provides the most amount of whoop-ass on your opponent, it is also an extremely fun card to play.

Unlike the most heroes in HearthStone the Warlock does not have a weapon it can attack its opponents with. What it does have though is a Hero you can play as a card. Enter Lord Jaraxxus, Lord of the burning legion!

Lord Jaraxxus Jaraxxus Hero PowerInferno

When you summon Lord Jaraxxus, your health jumps (up or down) t0 15, and you get a new Hero Power. Your 2x Mana that takes 2 health and gives you a card get’s replaces with summoning a 6/6 Inferno! Seeing as we are playing with the Warlock, we seriously want this card. Bad!

Have a look at this video that shows a awesome comeback victory the moment Lord Jaraxxus was played:

Careful though when you play against another Warlock. He can easily kill Lord Jaraxxus in this hilariously yet very rare way. Playing Sacrificial pact takes care of Jaraxxus rather swiftly:

How do I get Lord Jaraxxus?

Well, it’s not easy unfortunately. He will cost you 1400 arcane dust. Alternatively you may be lucky enough to get him in a card deck you earned or bought.

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