HearthStone BETA

Blizzard announced the changes they plan to implement to HearthStone. Some of these changes are expected, while other are rather surprising. Blizzard said on the HearthStone forum:

As we move further into the closed beta, we’re continuing to closely monitor card balance as more and more Hearthstone games are played. We also want to ensure that cards acquired in Hearthstone are done fairly through our various game modes.

Here’s the list of changes, HearthStone Patch Update – Card Nerfing and Gold caps:

  • Gold earned capped to 100 per day: The amount of gold gained by winning games in Play mode per day will be capped at 100 in the upcoming patch. This cap does not affect gold gained through Quests, Arena, or Achievements. There will be an indication within the game when this gold cap is reached. This cap is intended to combat certain methods of gold acquisition that violate our Terms of Service. The spirit of fair play is extremely important to us, and we will continue to monitor gold acquisition activity closely to ensure a fun and enjoyable game environment for everyone.

Regarding card nerfing, we knew these were coming:

  • Shattered Sun Cleric is now a 3/2 (was a 3/3)
  • Argent Commander is now a 4/2 (was a 4/3)
  • Flame Imp’s Battlecry now deals 3 damage (up from 2)
    This is a surprise for us, we love playing the Flame Imp. 3 Damage is  a lot.
  • Mind Control’s mana cost is now 10 (up from 8)
  • Starving Buzzard is now a 2/1 (was a 2/2)
  • Unleash the Hounds has been reworked and now reads: “(4) For each enemy minion, summon a 1/1 Hound with Charge”.

This does bring back some balance. Let’s face it, Mind control, Argent Commander, Starving Buzzard and Sun Cleric was very OP (Over Powered).

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