Based on the interviews held with HearthStone Managrind tournament winners, and general opinions of some of the leading players in Blizzards HearthStone, these are the cards that are currently most popular, and most used. Each of these cards are considered OP (over powered) to some extend, so use them while you can, because you never know when they may get nerfed.

Dark Iron Dwarf


For only 4 Mana few cards have a 4/4 statistic. What makes Dark Iron Dwarf so powerful is the +2 attack it gives a minion. Used during early game Dark Iron Dwarf can seriously sway the control of the board. He is also used by most of the Managrind tournament winners.

Sun Cleric

Shattered Sun Cleric can hold her own against many other cards. What makes her special though is that +1/+1 buff that she gives to any other minion on the board. Placing her can make even the Paladin’s Silver Hand Recruits that much more threatening. She is also used by most of the Managrind tournament winners.


Defender of Argus

We stated previously how important it is to have enough defensive cards (with Taunt), but Defender or Argus can fill the gap in dire times when you absolutely have no defences. Not only does it give two minions taunt, it gives them a massive +1/+1.

Argent Commander

Defender of Argus is probably the most popular card out there. With Charge and Divine Shield Argent Commander is a massively powerful card. If you have two of them then you are wise to use them both. Expect him to get a nerf come next path. Perhaps dropping them Charge, or less attack power.

leper gnome

At only one Mana Leper Gnome is a very useful card during early game. Yes he will probably get taken out rather quickly, but it is then when he deals 2 damage to the enemy hero.

What do you think? Are the other cards that needs a nerf? Be sure to check-out some of our other HearthStone Strategy Guides below.