It is always a toss-up on whether you should attack your opponents hero, or whether you should attack his minions on the board. It is a decision that needs to be made within a minute, and it is a decision that can sway the course of the battle if chosen correctly.

Let’s consider this scenario:

You opponent is sitting with 3 minions on the board with attack ranging from 3 to 5. One of them has taunt. You have the upper hand with 4 minions on the board, with stronger attack power and defence. It is your turn. After clearing the one taunt minion, do you:

  • Attack the other 2 minions or
  • Do you attack the Hero

Obviously there are multiple factors that can influence your decision, like the current health of your opponent, and what round you are in. During early game it may be better to clear the board, while mid or late game you may be able to kill your opponent which is now sitting with low health.

We’ve picked up that generally it is better to clear the board than to attack your enemy, especially if you have a strong defensive taunt unit on the board. This will allow you to keep control of the board seeing as the opponent will summon minions on his next turn that generally have to wait for a turn before they can attack. Alternatively if you attacked the hero of your opponent, he can always summon buffs come next turn that turns his 2 remaining minions into powerful monsters with stronger attack than yours, effectively shifting the control of the board.


The decision is difficult, but follow these quick steps to make an informed decision that will keep you in control or alive for longer:

Do I attack the opponents Hero or his minions on the board?

1. If you can’t finish the game by attacking the opponents hero then:

  • – If you have minions on the board, some of which have taunt (your defences are up) attack the Hero, but run the risk of having the minions you chose not to attack get buffs come next turn.
  • – If you do not have sufficient defences up (taunt units) then you are better off attacking the opponents minions. This will prevent them from attacking your hero the next turn.

2. If you can finish the game by attacking the opponents here then obviously finish him!

3. If you are sitting with a nice spell that will buff your own minions in your next turn, then keep your minions alive by attacking the opponents hero. This works well if you have your defences up which will protect your minions on the board.

We hope this helped put things into perspective. There are so many possibilities, which is part of what makes this game so much fun. Be sure to check-out some of our other HearthStone Strategy Guides below.