Another controversial-cut scene was the infamous baby-Hitler scene in Deadpool 2. The theatrical cut of “Deadpool 2” ended with end-credit scenes in which Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) travels back in time to stop the deaths of his girlfriend, Vanessa and X-Force member Peter. He also “cleans up the timelines” by killing the version of his alter-ego, Wade Wilson, who appears in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and assassinating Reynolds himself before he has a chance to star in “Green Lantern.”

Technically this is not a deleted scene, as you can find it officially on the “Super Duper” cut released on the film. But still it was removed from the original release. Here’s a description of the scene:

Deadpool heads back to 1880, where he stops by the hospital Hitler was born in, where Baby Hitler waits in a crib. After grappling with the situation for a few minutes — it’s way harder than he thought to kill a baby, even if it will grow up to be Hitler — the scene ends with Deadpool reaching into the crib and implies he did the deed. But, this is not the end of it; In another extended version of the scene released online and it reveals that Deadpool isn’t quite the monster as the original version would have fans believe.

In that version of the scene, Deadpool reaches into the crib and the shot ends on a fade to black. A second later, though, it finds Deadpool holding Baby Hitler.  “You just never had anyone give a shit about you, did ya?” Deadpool asks as he bounces the baby. “That’s the real problem here isn’t it.”  In another shot, Deadpool realizes Baby Hitler needs changing — badly and mentions his friend Cable who loves killing.

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