Wesley Snipes made an awesome evil psychopath

Wesley Snipes made an awesome evil psychopath

If you’ve seen Demolition Man starring Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes then you will probably remember the reference to Pizza Hut. The science fiction action movie also had a very young Sandra Bullock as Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. It also left us with the eternally unanswered question of how those darn shells work.

Yet few of us will recall seeing a different version to the Pizza Hut reference. In the original scene Taco Bell was the restaurant mentioned and shown. This created quite the confusion and arguments among fans who either remember the Taco Bell version, or the Pizza Hut version. Here’s the explanation:

For some non-American releases, references to Taco Bell were changed to Pizza Hut because the latter had a much larger share of foreign fast food markets in the early 1990s. This includes dubbing, plus changing the logos during post-production. Taco Bell remains in the closing credits. The original version released in Australia (on VHS) contained Taco Bell, yet the newer version on DVD was changed both in logo and dubbing to Pizza Hut. In the scene where the restaurant patrons are looking through the glass window to the fight scene outside, “Taco Bell” can be seen etched into the glass, even in the modified version. – Wikipedia

There you have it. Here’s both versions for our controversial Cut Scene: Demolition Man Pizza Hut/Taco Bell:

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