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Controversial Cut Scene: American History X Curb Stomp

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Do you remember watching a movie, and when you watch the same movie again later either on DVD or TV it is different? Certain scenes changed or was cut completely? Movies often get scenes deleted or cut after the cinema release due to a controversial scenes or copyright politics that was not anticipated before the cinematic release.

These days the requirements a movie has to go through before getting the stamp of approval are much more strict, and we don’t have so many cases of this happening anymore. The scenes that  are removed are normally the deleted scenes we normally see on the DVD or Blue-Ray release.

Here’s our first Controversial Cut Scene: American History X

The famous ‘curby’ scene in American History X. Edward Norton plays a total badass white power skinhead who ‘protects’ himself during a break-in scene at his house. In the original scene, he kicks the door open, shoots the first guy 3-4 times, then shoots the second guy in the leg, runs out to the street and shoots at the car, then he walks back drags the 2nd guy to the curb and proceeds to stomp him (‘curby’). It is truly one of the most horrific death scenes we’ve seen.

We’ve watched multiple copies of this movie since then and all of them had this scene cut. The new scene ends with Norton pistol-whipping the second guy.

Here’s the original scene:



The shower scene in prison was also removed, but we’d prefer not showing you the original. Stay tuned for more controversial cut scenes. If you can think of any scenes in specific, let us know in the comments below.

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