Marvel is still searching for the perfect actor to depict “Dr. Strange” in the long gestating project. Latino review pinned two Hollywood greats that were apparently in talks to take on the role but nothing came of it. According to the site, Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were among the candidates to take on the role as Marvel’s greatest protector against magical peril.

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Jared Leto

Jared Leto

The project received a nudge forward this week with the announcement that horror master Scott Derrickson (“Sinister”, “Deliver Us from Evil”)  will take a seat behind the lens to helm the anticipated Marvel pic. In line with moving things forward but seen by some as a controversial suggestion if the rumor is true, Jared Leto is eyed by Marvel for the lead role.

Badass Digest broke the news first, Devin Faraci wrote:

“I had heard that Derrickson wanted to take a swing at the script, and it’s interesting that there is no writer announced in the Variety story. I have also heard that Marvel likes (or liked, I don’t know what the current status of this is) Jared Leto for Stephen Strange. God help us all if that’s true.”

Even though Leto has proven himself as a solid sidekick in many dramas, we have to admit that we are on the fence with this one. The singer/ actor is without a doubt a huge talent, and as of late, the Hollywood heart-throb is also showing interest to direct. He is climbing the A-list ladder with his recent effort portraying a transgender woman “Dallas Buyers Club” which was greeted with critical acclaim. This might give him the edge as a serious actor for the role as Dr. Strange but then again, would he be the perfect choice? Who would be your perfect choice?

Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Matthew Modine mentioned once that he wants to Play Dr. Strange.

The actor took to Twitter and posted a picture of the character and captioning it:

“#Marvel I’d like to play #DoctorStrange – let’s make this happen.”

For those of you unfamiliar with Dr. Strange, check out the character description courtesy of Comicvine:

“Dr. Stephen Strange was once a gifted, but egotistical, surgeon who sought out the Ancient One to heal his hands after they were wounded in a car accident. Instead, the Ancient One trained him to become Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth.”

The “Dr. Strange” movie is planned for Marvel’s Phase 3 releases in 2016.