Joseph Gordon-Levitt has denied being attached to Batman which was a major letdown. Thanks to Latino review we have a major scoop on the likely Marvel Phase Three movie. Rumor has it that Levitt could be the new lead for “Dr. Strange”. Nothing has been tabled yet as we wait for the dust to settle, the casting news is obtained from internal talks between Marvel execs.


Doctor Strange is a former neurosurgeon, a practicing sorcerer, and the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats

Latino review adds:

“In the current draft of the script by Oppenheimer and Donnelly, the Sorcerer Supreme is written for someone in their early 30s. Levitt has both the charm and also the swagger the script currently demands. That and the fact that Levitt is one of the more likeable actors in town.”


Doctor Strange has been described as “the mightiest magician in the cosmos” reported that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed “Doctor Strange” is under development :

“Dr. Strange is something that I talk about often and it’s sort of next up for us to dig into and explore. Our executive producer of Iron Man 3, having done Captain America: The First Avenger and as that was finishing he started working on the bones that would become Iron Man 3, and now that he’s finished with Iron Man 3, he’s working on the bones that would become Doctor Strange. Now that Iron Man 3 is finished, some of our quote-unquote spare time is going to be devoted to trying to crack Strange.”


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

So when can we expect a release date:

Feige said,

“As we look past 2015, past ‘Avengers 2’ and ‘Ant-Man’, I think Dr. Strange should be one of the next movies in the years following that.”