Samsung released their latest flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5, and with the S5 being waterproof the Apple rumour mills is once again turning like crazy spewing out predictions on what we can expect for the upcoming iPhone 6.

Apple has never been one to follow the lead of others (like Samsung or LG), but the iPhone 6 may be the first model to boast features that gives us a smartphone that comes from competitors and not from Apple originally. We’re talking specifically about the bigger screen size, which has been rumoured so many times it can also be seen as a certainty, and secondly the waterproofing of the phone.

Let’s have a look at all the Expected and Crazy New Features for the iPhone 6, which we can expect to be released August/September this year.

1. Waterproof

With more than one manufacturer now boasting waterproof phones, this is definitely a must have feature. As is with any electronic device.

Peter Cohen was reported saying:

“If Sony and Samsung’s offerings are anything to go with, Apple could produce an iPhone that’s water resistant to about three feet for 30 minutes and still keep it outside of a discrete case. The goal here wouldn’t be to make an iPhone that you could take with you into the water, per se, but instead an iPhone that could tolerate occasional spills or quick dunks without completely frying. Something that you could keep in your pocket in a heavy downpour and not have to worry about shorting out.”

It is already possible to make the iPhone 4 waterproof. Liquipel proves this with the below video that is rather amazing:

2. Bigger Screen

 This image was leaked a few months ago, and the idea behind an iPhone with a bigger screen is almost a certainty. Steve Jobs may have protested, but Samsung with their spray and pray strategy has struck gold with its wide variety of phone sizes, realizing that people indeed to want bigger phones.

3. Wireless Charging

This one has been on the wish list for ages now. We all want to get rid of the hassle of carrying cables around. Imagine the ability of charging your phone as you would pick-up W-Fi. Amazing!


4. Body as hard as a Rock

Use your phone as a hammer? This is a Chinese model phone that shows how rugged phones can really be. Can we expect this type of hard body from Apple? Sound impossible to combine a rugged, waterproof iPhone 6 design with such a thin size? Of course it sounds tough, but there is already a 6mm thick smartphone that’s strong enough to use as a hammer. The Chinese Oppo Finder is a 6.65mm thick phone that runs Android and can handle a work environment as shown in the video below:


5. Touch Anywhere Home Button


If Apple decided to go with a bigger screen-size, can we expect the space used for the home button be remodelled to have a touch anywhere Home button? Touch anywhere at the bottom and you’re at the home screen. We doubt whether this will happen, seeing as Apple just came out with the fingerprint sensor. Unless the fingerprint sensor remains and the entire bottom part becomes a button as well?


6. Thinner iPhone 6


Once again the possibility is there for a thinner phone. As technology improves, the means of making the phone thinner ins definitely available. But, we also doubt whether this will happen. Steve Jobs was a huge fan of the precise and 100% aesthetically correct size of the iPhone. And we have to agree and a thinner, bigger iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter just doesn’t feel as comfortable in your hand as previous smaller thinner model. It does look friggin’ amazing though


What do you think? Are some of these features too crazy to expect?