HearthStone Open Beta

The wait was extremely long for some of us, having been overlooked time and time again with the closed-Beta invites went out. Being forced to watch others play, is almost just as bad as not being able to play at all. Luckily for you we’ve  been playing for a few months now, and if you are new to HeathStone and have just joined then this is the place you want to be. We have compiled a list of tutorials that was designed to help the complete n00b begin with HeathStone, from choosing a hero, to deck building, to attacking.

HearthStone Enters Open Beta – A Beginners Guide

Blizzard opened Beta first for all the North-American players, and 24 hours later the European and remaining players had the chance to try their luck in the extremely addictive HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft.

You can go here to register, all you need is a active Battle.Net account. If you are new and are looking for some handy tutorials and guides, the look no further:

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