“Terminator 5” has officially received a release date. Paramount Pictures, Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions will have Schwarzenegger return for Terminator 5 due in 2015. Schwarzenegger will be busy during the next couple of years, the announcement of his return to the Terminator franchise has left us with many questions. We were initially a bit skeptical to see our on-screen hero back to reprise his role as “The Terminator”, however there is some exiting news.


T800 Guns blazing, a classic model!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is rumored to likely face off against Schwarzenegger in Terminator 5, which is described as a “reboot”. Earlier this week we speculated as to what direction the terminator franchise will take and it seems our wishes have come true. The reboot will be the first in a planned stand-alone trilogy.


The famous Arnie pose. Sunglasses, leather jacket and his trusty shotgun.


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