why I suck at clash of clans 2

This is our third part in the series of how to get better in the highly addictive, and top earning app Clash of Clans. If you are reading this then you are probably wondering why on earth you are getting owned permanently, why you are getting all your resources stolen, and why you can’t 3-star your enemy.

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Let’s look at 5 things NOT to do in Clash of Clans: Here’s Why You Suck At Clash Of Clans – 5 Things Not To Do:

1.Forget about the opponents Clan Castle

why I suck at clash of clans 3

Your Clan Castle is your most powerful building so always have it in the center and filled with the best troops for defending. Lots of people in my clan did not really understand the difference between troop donations to the Clan Castle via the clan chat and the War Castle with troops that will defend your War Base during Clan War. I recommend using either Witches, Wizards or Dragons and compliment with Archers. Don’t hesitate releasing troops you don’t like and be clear with your preferred troops. You have to edit the standard “I need reinforcement troops” text. 

When you attack make sure you know who to draw out the enemies clan castle troops! Your attack will fail if you do not do this. I’ve seen Clan Castle troops be the determining factor in a total defeat or victory too many times.


2.Drop all your troops in one go without a strategy

This is the worst attack to watch. This point also ties in with number 3 below. In order to win in Clash of Clans you need to have a clear strategy. This means you need a plan on how you will drop your troops, where you will drop them and how they will move once you drop them. Plan ahead. Become familiar with attack strategy names such as GOWIPE, GIWIWI, DRAHO, GOHO and such.


3. Attack with air and ground troops

2Clash of Clans 1

There are some strategies that do this, but as a beginner I strongly recommend you settle for a strategy that includes either ground attacking troops, or air attacking troops. Not both. If you attack with ground and air troops you are receiving the maximum defensive effort from your opponent. Both his ground and air defenses are working overtime. Alternatively if you only attack with air troops then only the air defenses will be used in defending.


4. No farming army composition


In Clash of Clans you are either pushing for trophies or for gold. Each goal means different troops in your attack. If you are looting for gold, and do’t care about trophies you need to include (for example) a cheap army that doesn’t cost too much otherwise you will have to find an opponent with plenty of elixir in order for you to still make a profit. This type of army composition would normally be loads of giants, archers and plenty of goblins.

Check-out this great tutorial on farming tips by Ash on Cocland.


5. Always attack from the bottom

why I suck at clash of clans 5

Lots of players still do this simply because its comfortable. You need to learn how to attack from all sides of the map, top, left, right and bottom. Typically players get used to dropping units at the bottom and working their way up. If you are smart in planning your defense realize that people will attack you from the bottom more than any other side. This is an opportunity to plant extra bombs and traps at the bottom.

I hope these tips helped, keep an eye out for more guides, or go visit our archives!