Why You Suck At Clash Of Clans

Why You Suck At Clash Of Clans

This is our second part in the series of how to get better in the highly addictive, and top earning app Clash of Clans. If you are reading this then you are probably wondering why on earth you are getting owned permanently, why you are getting all your resources stolen, and why you can’t 3-star your enemy.

Please check-out part 1 here, for a broader overview on possible reasons why you suck at Clash of Clans, and how to get better.

For today, we will look specifically at tips when attacking, and defending during a Clan War, meaning you are going for that 3-star and care not for resources or trophies.

1. Upgrade and Fill your Clan Castle

Your Clan Castle is your most powerful building so always have it in the center and filled with the best troops for defending. Lots of people in my clan did not really understand the difference between troop donations to the Clan Castle via the clan chat and the War Castle with troops that will defend your War Base during Clan War. I recommend using either Witches, Wizards or Dragons and compliment with Archers. Don’t hesitate releasing troops you don’t like and be clear with your preferred troops. You have to edit the standard “I need reinforcement troops” text.

I’ve seen Clan Castle troops be the determining factor in a total defeat or victory too many times.


2. Clear the Enemy Clan Castle

why I suck at clash of clans 3

In Clan War and in high-end tough opponents you will always face a filled Clan Castle – if you’re lucky it’s not filled with the most powerful troops but it will be filled that’s what I can promise to you. When scouting the base you should click on the Clan Castle to see the radius and make a plan how you can pull the Clan Castle Troops and kill them. You can’t attack if they are alive! Some Troops are able to completely wipe out your whole attack and you don’t have second tries in Clan War.

After you know how you can pull out the Troops think about how you can kill them (either with Lightning Spells or Archers). But how do you know what’s in there? Simply wait until others have attacked some opponents bases around the one you’re going to attack and watch the replays. If you see a Dragon coming out of that Clan Castle it’s very likely that the base you’re going to attack will also have a Dragon in there so don’t bring a Lightning Spell for the Clan Castle Troops.


3. Don’t Worry About Protecting Resources

why I suck at clash of clans 4

When you are in a Clan War, you don’t lose your own resources. This means you can put all your resource collectors and storage on the outer perimeter of your defenses. All you need to worry about is protecting your Town Hall. This means you need to have a base lay-out that protects your Town Hall effectively. Google and find some of the best “War Bases” as they are called. If you are not in a Clan War then obviously you need to protect your resources, which means you need a “Farming Base” layout. Check-out AllClash for some effective base layout ideas.


4. Identify Traps

why I suck at clash of clans 5

Traps can also be that silly little thing that prevents you from getting that 3-stars. Scout  your enemy base before you attack, and identify possible locations where traps can be. If you think you know, spring the traps with dummy/cheap troops like goblins or troops that aren’t affected by them like your Barbarian King or Golems.


5. Find a Strategy and Perfect it


You probably have a certain strategy when you attack. This strategy consists of certain troops and times when you deploy them, and spells you use. For example you’ll use an all dragon attack, or a dragon & balloon attack. Or you use the popular GoWiWi (Golems, Wizards and Witches) and WoWiPe (Golems, Wizards and Pekkas) attacks. The trick is to practice your attacking strategy, and perfect it. So often we disregard a strategy because we executed it wrong. A poorly executed dragon attack can give you zero stars while a perfectly executed dragon attack can give you 3 stars. The same with any other attack. If you feel you are really executing it right, and it still isn’t working for you then feel free to move onto a new strategy.

Lastly, your enemy base will depict how you attack. Don’t be set in a certain troop attack strategy. You need to be able to adapt and change your strategy from a ground, to an air, to a combination attack.