This is part 1 in our series of Why you suck at Clash of Clans. Head over to Part 2 here.

We’ve been playing Clash of Clans for more than 2 years now, and we are still just as addicted as we were in the first month. The problem is that there is a certain point in every players Clash of Clans ‘career’ where they get stuck at a certain point, and simply cannot progress. If you refuse to pay actual money while playing with the in-app purchases, the progress can be rather slow.

Your definition of progress in Clash of Clans may vary depending on your strategy. It can mean you’re winning and losing the same amounts of gold and elixir every day, or you are losing and gaining the same amount of trophies.

We found that if we don not play enough (attack other villages) we tend to lose all the gold, elixir and trophies in the evening that we fought so hard to get during the day. We just can’t break that 25000 elixir storage limit in order to upgrade or barbarian, or upgrade our turrets. We are stagnant.

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Why You Suck at Clash of Clans and How to Get Better:

1. Your defenses aren’t up to standard – This is the classic case of you upgraded your offence more than your defense. You may be sitting with level 5 archers  but your cannons are still on level 3. You have level 5 spells but your walls are still level 4. This means that you will raid pretty well and success in destroying other people’s villages, but you will fail miserably in protecting the resources you just won.

We found that, initially it is better to have stronger defenses than offences and work your way up from there. Start by upgrading your walls to the maximum level. Strong walls is a sure way to deter opponents from attacking you when they are scanning for an opponent.

All you need to achieve is looking stronger than the next random opponent that will come up when people are attacking.

2. Your offences aren’t up to standard – This is a case where your defenses are upgraded, but you don’t have enough strength in your offensive units to actually go and raid and get more gold, elixir or trophies. You may sit with fully upgraded cannons and walls, but you don’t use dragons or golems yet.

3. Offensive Strategy – You need to have some kind of strategy when attacking. There are loads of tutorials online that will help you will find out how to attack. It won’t help going in guns blasing and dropping all your units in one place. No, you need to strategically take out the enemies defenses first.

4. You’re not playing enough – Unfortunately, or fortunately you need to play a lot to progress. The balance of the game is such that you will get attacked, and you will lose gold and elixir. Yes you can make it as difficult as possible for your opponents by having great defenses, but eventually your storages will be full and you will be attacked by a stronger opponent.

The only way to get around this is to balance that out by going out and attacking to regain your losses.


5. Do the calculations – Whenever I attack I have a figure in mind as to how much loot I am looking for for my next attack. If I know my army I have now cost me 200 000 elixir, then I will look for an opponent that will at least cover 80% of that cost. You can use your own percentage here.

The goal is to attack an opponent with enough resources that will at least cover your cost of going into battle in the first place.

6. Base layout – This is another key factor in preventing your base from getting raped whenever your shield runs out. An effective base layout will prevent complete base destructions, and limit your losses. Checkout some youtube tutorials on what the best base layout is for the current town hall level you are on.

7. Use the Clans – We’re not big fans of the latest clan wars. Seeing as we don not play that often, we don’t always have the time to battle every day. This means you will get kicked from your clan if you don’t attack during a clan war. But, at least ensure you make use of a clan that can give you troops. A few troops can mean the difference between a 1 star loss or a 3 star loss. Between 50% of your resources being stolen and 90% being stolen.

We hope this little guide helped in getting you out of the rut your in at the moment. Keep on playing! Also, check-out our Clash or Clans archives here.