This is our fourth part in the series of how to get better in the highly addictive, and top earning app Clash of Clans. If you are reading this then you are probably wondering why on earth you are getting owned permanently, why you are getting all your resources stolen, and why you can’t 3-star your enemy.

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In essence Clash of Clans is not that much different to games like World of Warcraft. You have a set amount of key roles each unit falls into. 3 roles to be exact. A troop is either a Tank, a Healer, or a DPS (damage per second). I will go through each role below and hope this will help you become a better Clash of Clans player:

Best Way to get better In Clash of Clans – Understanding Tank Healer DPS



This is the troop that has lots of hit-points and low/medium damage output. It is not great in taking down buildings but can soak up the damage of an xbow or canon for a long time! The role of a tank is to get all the defenses to fix their aim on the him and not the other troops. A tank typically walks in the front of an attack. Examples of this would be your Giants and Golems. 

Tip: drop your giants and Golems first and have them walk towards the enemies base, as soon as the defenses start firing on them, then deploy your other troops. This is classic tanking. The tank soaks up all the damage.


DPS (Damage per second)

wizard lvl 6

This is the troop that has the sole responsibility of destroying everything! This kind of troop typically can deal a lot of damage but not take a lot of hits before if dies. The wizard is a great example. He has high damage and low health. Every army composition should have considerably more DPS units than tanks or healers. This is the key to destroying a base before your tanks also die.

Tip: Deploy your DPS units behind your tanks. This will keep them alive longer.



clash healer

The healer has the sole responsibility of healing. They are typically troops that can’t deal a lot of damage, or take a lot of hits. they have very low health. Angels are a great example. The healers should ideally be focused on your tanks, and as soon as the tanks die they move to the DPS units. Deplooy the healers behind the Tanks or behind the DPS units.

Tip: the longer the tanks can be kept alive by the healers the longer the endmies defenses are focused on the tanks and not your DPS units. This means your DPS units 

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How you position your troops for each of these 3 roles will determine if you 1 star or 3 sttar. Always remember: Tank in front that soaks the damage, DPs behind that destroys and Healer at the back that heals.