Ant-Man in action

Marvel is quite busy getting rid of directors this week, not only did they fire the writer-director for the new Daredevil series, but Edgar Wright is also leaving/was fired from the much anticipated Antman movie.

There are various stories reporting why Wright is leaving, while some claim he was fired, latino-review reports that director Edgar Wright left Ant-Man, and was not fired. He especially wasn’t fired for being behind schedule as some sources claim. All production delays were caused by Marvel, not the director. Apparently three months ago, Marvel had some notes for Wright and his co-writer, Joe Cornish, who turned in two drafts attempting to satisfy the studio without compromising their vision. Six weeks ago, Marvel gave the script to two less experienced writers, one of whom is from their in-house writing team. The script came in this week, and Wright was not happy with it. It was lower quality, “homogenized,” and not in line with Wright’s vision. Wright met with Marvel on Friday to formally resign.

Wright was hired to write and direct Ant-Man in April 2006, long before Iron-Man was released, back when there was no Marvel Cinematic Universe to speak of. It was always intended to be a standalone movie, but obviously, that changed when Marvel required continuity between all of its films. Apparently Wright feels like the changes came from higher up, which means Disney. And there we go.

Hopefully Marvel can replace him without sacrificing quality, but if the assessment of the new Ant-Man script is accurate, it sounds like they already have. Which is never a good thing.


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