Too tempting to resist, Enjoy April fools day geeks!

Too tempting to resist, Enjoy April fools’ day geeks!

Thank the pope for April fools’ day, Toby will never replace Hugh! 

Having Toby suit up for Spidey was enough thank you!

It’s no secret that Hugh Jackman has been hinting at ending his role as Wolverine. Ever since the last Wolverine movie rumour has been rife about when Hugh Jackman will hand over the adamantium claws to new blood. It would come as a massive surprise then, and expect the internet to explode “Ben-Affleck-Batman” style after the announcement was officially made that Toby Maquire, previously Peter Parker in Spiderman will replace Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Both actors were unavailable for comments, but we can only assume that the decision was based on the fact that Wolverine movies will be rebooted similarly to when Christopher Nolan took over the Batman trilogy.

We weren’t big fans of Tobey as Spiderman,  but he definitely wasn’t the best choice. We did name him as one of 5 comic book movie actors that failed though. As for him being Wolverine. Really? He needs some serious gym-time and bulk up for the role?

What do you think of the choice? This news is pretty much raw of the presses, and we will be adding more info as soon as we get our hands on more reputable sources.


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