If there’s any doubt left in your mind that Hugh Jackman is awesome, then look at the photo below. This was tweeted by Jackman himself during his Gym workout. We’d like to point out a few things in case you miss it:

If the bar ain't bendin, then you're just pretending

If the bar ain’t bendin, then you’re just pretending

Hugh Jackman Tweets his insane Gym work-out!:

1. He’s dead lifting about 210Kg! Thats 463 lbs!

2. The bar is in fact bending!

3. That’s not a vein on his left arm, that’s a tunnel for Adamantium to flow through!

This confirms is, Wolverine IS Hugh Jackman! This work-out is for his next movie X-Men: Days of future past. To catch the latest updates on this movie, check it here. We also have a review of Wolverine right here.