It goes without saying by just looking at some of the pictures of the actors selected in the below mentioned comic book films, the production studios might have been heading in the wrong direction. Hollywood “Star-power” has it’s benefits, especially if you are fortunate enough to be included on one of the biggest comic book production films of all time. Perhaps a panel of geeks will be more suitable to ensure the high expectations are met when the cast is selected for our favorite comic book films.

Let’s have a look at the 5 Comic Book Movie Actors That Failed

1. Michael Keaton – Batman (1989)


The curly hair and absence of any notable muscle tone made Michael Keaton an obvious candidate to scrap from the list. Besides the obvious, he failed to deliver the acting performance that would convince the audience that he is a billionaire playboy by day, and a crime fighting vigilante by night. Maybe the pout is to blame…..?

Perhaps the Nolan VS Burton approach will be difficult to argue considering the fact they both had different approaches for the production of Batman. This does not remove the fact that Michael Keaton was a terrible leading man for our black masked hero.

2. Tobey Maguire – Spider Man (2002, 2004 & 2007)


I always feel  Tobey Maguire is about to burst out crying at any given moment during the Spider-Man films. At one point I expected hugs and counseling, as apposed to the web swinging, kicking and punching we are normally accustom to.

The new leading man Andrew Garfield, star of “The Amazing Spider-Man” (2012), is a better fit for the character in my books. Peter Parker as a “character” has gone through so many iterations, however I think the characters personality always has certain core elements.

One of which is the “smart ass” quirks and wittiness that makes the character interesting as a comic book hero. Tobey Maguire’s performance did not bring to life the core elements of the character that I enjoy. Perhaps the scripts didn’t allow Tobey Maguire to explore the character’s personality?

3. Nicolas Cage – Ghost Rider (2007 & 2012)


Nicolas Cage looks nothing like Johnny Blaze and he is way too old to play this character. Mainly the movie’s about riding a bike at the speed of sound while your head is burning. If this doesn’t raise an eyebrow as you read through the script I am sure any actor is to blame for being slated as the wrong guy to play Johnny Blaze in this terrible movie.

The curse of Nicolas Cage continued when he decided to sign-up for the squeal “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”, a movie so generic and dull I would rather watch my neighbor mow the lawn on a Sunday morning.

4. Chris O’donnell – Batman Forever (1995) – Batman & Robin (1997)


Mmmmm……..Chris O’donnell. Can’t remember him to be honest! In fact I can’t remember him in any other movie after he was filmed as Batman’s sidekick in the 1997 flop, “Batman & Robin”. Maybe the provocative nipple bearing action hero suit is partly to blame. Chris O’donnell has never stepped up and made his claim to fame in Hollywood.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Batman & Robin (1997)


“Ice to see you!”

“Everybody chill!”

“You’re not sending ME to the COOLER!”

It is obvious why Arnold Schwarzenegger is on my top 5 list  if you read through my top picks of Mr.Freeze quotes, uttered with an a Arnie accent. I am a huge “Governator” fan however the blue bathrobe and lollipop cigar had me laughing for a while after closer inspection of the picture I included.  Mr. Freeze is already a bad villain, in Joel Schumacher’s “Batman & Robin”, he actually made it worse by casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in blue makeup and silly costumes. His goal? Freeze Gotham, because… his wife is dead.

The film was doomed from the start! Unfortunately Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicolas Cage fell in the same trap.