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Mohammed Maher became the number one player in Clash of Clans recently, and Danny had a very candid interview with Mohammed, real name Richard. He currently sits on 4512 trophies, which is a massive achievement! He made his entry into the top 5  in mid December 2013, and has been climbing ever since.

  • Name: Richard
  • From: Lebanon, living in Dubai since 2006
  • Age: 35
  • Current Trophies: 4512
  • Gem Spending: 1 Chest ($70) a week
  • Strategy: Golems with Wizards and Wallbreakers

Richard said that you can play champions league without buying gems. But, we strongly feel that for us general folk that cant afford to buy 10 000 gems a day are doomed to hang around in the bottom end of the Global Leader board. Still the interview gives us more info on the current best player in the world, how he plays, and what strategy he uses. We keep an updated leader board of the current best players in the world here, so be sure to check it out. Richard’s had some recommendations on how to keep the game as great as it currently is, which included making sure the game remains fun so more new players are introduced, this will ensure the challenges for trophies stay competitive. Another recommendation as to make the cost of using gems cheaper. This will also ensure more people move up the ladder quicker because they are spending more gems to level up their units and bases. These global leader players are well organized as well. They have secret codes among themselves and other clan players that are requests for Shields, etc.

Another big thing that came from the interview, is that Richard has help with his account with a friend in the U.S. They take advantage of the time difference between Dubai and the U.S. When the one is sleeping the other one manages the “Maher account”, and the other way around. So they share accounts? Is this allowed? He was quoted saying:

“At this level it is impossible to play and not have help, we need to sleep we need to work and we must get help from our friends”

“You have your life, you cannot just play 24 hours”

Richard also said that he currently he spends 1 chest of gems a week. That is 14000 Gems a week! The cost of such as chest is currently $70!  Either way he is an incredibly talented player, well done Richard! Here’s the latest Global leader board, and the Clash of Clans – Interview with Number 1 Player Mohammed Maher below:

Clash of Clans Global Leaderboard

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