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Hodor Gets Epic Sylvannas Tattoo

Yes, that’s the Banshee Queen herself, Sylvanas Windrunner. Though Sylvanas first appeared in Warcraft 3, she found new (un)life in World of Warcraft and is now the latest champion to appear in Heroes of the Storm. Starting as a well-regarded Ranger-General in the...

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Must See Sexy Kendall Jenner GQ Shoot [NSFW]

We couldn't care less for any of the kardashian family members, and I'm sure you are aware of they ridicule they've earned themselves over the last couple of years (Ok meybe I am referring to one family member in particular). But supermodel in the making Kendall...

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Ryan Gosling To Star In Blade Runner 2

As you know, Ridley Scott has been developing Blade Runner 2 with director Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners). It's a sequel that a lot of fans have been looking forward to seeing. Harrison Ford is already set to reprise his role as Rick Deckard, and it looks like he will...

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Olivia Wilde Wallpaper Collection

An obvious choice as one of our top 15 sexiest movie geek girls of the last decade, Olivia Wilde knows how to keep us geeks glued to the TV screen. Howard Wolowitz’s engineering degree from MIT has always given him the freedom to explore his options to “create” his...

Top 20 Sexiest Female Vampires

We decided to pay tribute to the beautiful ladies that assisted with the widespread vampire craze we have enjoyed over the last two decades. The concept of vampires in the horror genre has seen a fair share of changes since the first film about the Nosferatu was...

Vikings Star Katheryn Winnick Photo Gallery

Geeks, we present to you Katheryn Winnick. Most of us will know her as Lagertha, the hardcore Viking warrior in the hit show Vikings. Katheryn Winnick joined a full panel of cast members  for Vikings during the 2014 Comic-Con. The cast members that attended...

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