Thanos is easily the deadliest foe the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have faced thus far, though it still had to be surprising to fans just how beaten their heroes looked by film’s end. Thing is fans that hung around till the end got a special surprise as the after-credits scene shows Nick Fury hurridly sending a message off before he fades out of existence. The device falls to the ground as he fades away and upon sending flashes the symbol and colors of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Movie – First Look at Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, Nick Fury and Skrulls


Make no mistake Captain Marvel is no ordinary superhero. There’s a lot of articles out there that were quickly published after Infinity War listing her powers as merely being flight, strength, durability and shooting energy bursts. Well, this is putting it mildly and grossly  missing her strongest abilities. Her power is almost God-like. She is more than the Superman of DC. Yup. We said that. She is often listed in the top 10 of most powerful Marvel characters ever.

Quick history of Carol Danvers:

Carol Danvers entered the Air Force upon graduating from high school to pursue her love of aircrafts and her dreams of flying. Carol was a top student at the Air Force Academy and enjoyed a rapid career advancement rising to the rank of Major. Because of her stellar performance, superb combat skills and natural intellect, Carol was recruited into the intelligence field. She ended up serving with the C.I.A., during which time she met and worked with Colonel Nick Fury. She was partnered with Colonel Michael Rossi and the two became lovers. Carol had a distinguished career in the C.I.A.

Interesting fact: She’s paired with Logan before fighting Sabretooth.

How she got her powers: The true power of Captain Marvel – Who is Carol Denvers?

Captain Marvel’s mortal enemy is Colonel Yon-Rogg who kidnapped Carol, using her as bait in his conflict with Mar-vell. In the course of the battle, Carol and Mar-vell were caught in the explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. The energy bombardment somehow caused Carol’s genetic structure to be melded with Mar-vell’s. While Mar-vell was apparently unaltered by the event, Carol was now a perfect hybrid of Kree and human genes. In addition, she possessed all of Mar-vell’s Kree knowledge and training. Through this transformation, Ms. Marvel was born.

Movie release date: Captain Marvel is due out March 9, 2019

Interesting fact : X-Men’s Rogue got most of her powers from Captain Marvel: Mystique had vowed to destroy Ms. Marvel before a prophecy concerning Rogue’s death could. Rogue attacked Carol in San Francisco and the pair fought atop the Golden Gate Bridge. When Rogue tried to use her power-absorbing abilities on Carol, something went terribly wrong, and she absorbed too much of Carol’s persona, making the transferal permanent.

Her strongest powers:

  • Binary: She can transform into a “binary mode” that unleashes the full potential of Carol’s Kree/Human physiology transforming her into the cosmic-powered Binary. The full power of this mode has yet to be determined.

  • Her 7th sense: Just like spider-mans spider sense. This makes it impossible to surprise her in combat as she even subconsciously detects any surprise or danger.
  • Energy Blasts: It’s her most common attacks. It’s photon blasts made up of cosmic energy making them way stronger than Iron Man’s blasts. When she is in binary form the power of these blasts are insaly strong and even deadly.
  • Galactus as backup: Yup, the planet eater consuming God fights with her on request.
  • Cosmic Awareness: She knows what is going on in the entire cosmos, which enables her to prepare way in advance.
  • Energy absorbing: She can absorb almost any blast which makes attacks from guys like Iron Man and even Thor useless.

  • Gravity control: She can control gravity, which is a serious advantage against any opponent. She can hold anyone in this gravity control state for a while and then attack.
  • Skilled pilot and hand to hand combat. She can fly any aircraft.
  • Speed and immense strength: Even surpassing those of Superman, she can flying 6 times faster than speed of light.
  • Survive in space and vacuum: She can survive without oxygen, without her powers though but it means she can survive anywhere in the universe.

Who Can Kill Thanos?

This is Captain Marvel. We look forward to seeing the solo-film before the next Avengers. No doubt this is the saviour that is gonna restore the balance that Thanos created (balanced in his mind).