Jay and Silent Bob are set to make a comeback according to director Kevin Smith. It’s been over two decades since the cult classic movie was released about two suburban New Jersey slackers who decide to head to the mall in search of solace after being dumped by their girlfriends. Smith is best known for playing Jays’ side kick Silent Bob, and he also impressed fanboys with his unexpected hit movie “Clerks“.

He told Tucson’s Rock 102 KFMA on Friday (via Variety.com):

“It’s half scripted right now and we’re pulling our loot together,”

“We’ve got up until the beginning of 2016. By the time we get to May 2016, we’re going to be shooting.”

“I had a cool idea and a bunch of investors that were like, ‘Do it,’ so here we are.”

Kevin Smith Says 'Mallrats' Sequel is in the Making

Kevin Smith Says ‘Mallrats’ Sequel is in the Making

He continues:

“Lately I’ve been doing this thing where I’m like, ‘Do you want to do what’s good for your career, or do you just want to have fun?’ ”

“Nobody’s clamoring for a Mallrats sequel, but I would love to make one. It’s been like 20 years.”

Mallrats 2 is set to start production as early as May 2016, but it’s still unclear if any of the previous cast members will reprise their roles. I think it’s safe to assume that Jay and Silent Bob will be back with some snoochie boochies, excessive noise-making and drug dealing. No other details has been made available but GS will keep you posted. The 1995 comedy’s cast and characters include Jason Lee’s stinkpalm-giving Brodie, Jeremy London’s T.S., and Ben Affleck’s antagonistic Shannon Doherty.

Additional source: Rollingstone.com