The infamous ‘walking away from an explosion’ scene has become so cliché that is spurred a spin-off song at the 2009 MTV awards by The Lonely Island called “Cool guys don’t look at explosions“. Yet this scene remains one of the coolest scenes in movies. It is the epitome of what it means to be a total badass. To not even flinch at the massive explosion behind you, not looking back, the expression of determination and focus is set like stone on your face, and you just keep doing the slow-motion power-walk.

Here’s our Top 10 Cool guys walking away from explosions:

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Desperado - Cool guys walking away from explosions Iron man - Cool guys walking away from explosions

1. Desperado

Antonio Banderas (El Mariachi) oozes badass and cool as he walks away from this gigantic explosion in Desperado. Not only does he perfect the power-walk, but he does this with one of the hottest woman alive by his side holding her own.



2. Iron Man

In one of the most iconic action scenes of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) stares down a tank and deflects its shot. He then fires a small rocket at the tank and turns back to the screen as the tank explodes. You can’t get much cooler than that.


Hell Ride - Cool guys walking away from explosions

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

3. Hell Ride

Difficult to beat this one. Pistolero, the Gent and Comanche (already some of the coolest guys on screen) walk away from this explosion with perfection in Hell Ride.


4. X-Men Origins

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) takes down a helicopter, which then explodes in a giant fireball when it hits the ground. Of course, he walks away from the explosion in slow motion and doesn’t look back.




5. Man on Fire

Man on Fire

For the first half of ‘Man on Fire,’ not much happens, but then Denzel Washington (Creasy) goes off and starts killing everyone. At this point you figured Creasy was a badass, but after he walks away from this explosion, there’s no doubt.



6. From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn

Seth and Richard Gecko (George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) walk away from this explosion completely ignoring it continuing with normal conversation. Total badass!


7. No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men

Not only does Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem make one of the best villains (See our most likeable Movie Villains), he also pulls of this walk-away-explosion as if it’s just another day at the office


8. Drive Angry

Drive Angry

This scene from Drive Angry shows Nicolas Cage (Milton) walking away from a gigantic explosion in the street. This is one of the few times where Nicolas Cage actually looks cool.



9. The Rundown

The Rock gave us this classic scene in The Rundown. He doesn’t even flinch.



10. I am number Four

I am Number Four

I am Number Four

Teresa Palmer stars as the ass-kicking alien “Number 6” in the movie I Am Number Four. She pulls-off the move quite respectfully. Chicks can look badass too!


Almost made the list:

  • The Joker (Heath Ledger) in Batman Returns
  • George Clooney in Syriana
  • James Dial (Wesley Snipes) – The Contractor


Here’s the Lonely Island song:


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