The first thing that comes to mind when we heard that ‘Tron Legacy’ is set to have a sequel ………you probably guessed it by now……..will we see Olivia Wilde’s Quorra reprise her role in the upcoming third installment? The film is set to start shooting on October 5 in Vancouver according to a recent report published by Vancity Buzz. For now it seems we can only expect Garrett Hedlund to return as the leading actor and we might see Joseph Kosinski take seat behind the lens for the sequel. Unfortunately there is no news indicating if Wilde will be back for the third installment, no other casting news has been made available.

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'Tron Legacy' Sequel to be Filmed in Vancouver This October

‘Tron Legacy’ Sequel to be Filmed in Vancouver This October

Hedlund portrayed the role of Samuel “Sam” Flynn in the 2010 installment. Flynn is “the son of the 1982 film’s original character Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) who became stuck in the Grid’s digital world for two decades.” No plot details are available for the sequel but GS will keep scouting for details. Wilde’s Quorra is one of the last Isomorphic Algorithms (or ISOs) in the geeky 2010 movie. She is basically a program that spontaneously evolved on “The Grid”, as opposed to being created by someone. Spoiler alert: She departed with “Sam” Flynn on his motorcycle while witnessing her first real sunrise as a human at the end of the movie. Will we see her back in action?

Check out the trailer for 2010’s ‘Tron Legacy’