The “Breaking Bad” meets “Frozen (2013)” animated mashup is exactly what we need so early in a busy week. Walter White’s meth tale of misfortune is set to the wildly popular tune of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the Disney movie, but with a glorious “Breaking Bad” twist.

The 'Breaking Bad'-'Frozen' Animated Mashup We've Always Wanted

The ‘Breaking Bad’-‘Frozen’ Animated Mashup We’ve Always Wanted

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the team at the YouTube channel Animeme were all Breaking Bad fans and wanted to hit key moments from the show.

“We focused on the moments that affected Jesse and his relationship with Walt the most; showing his progressive, deteriorating mental state throughout the series,” Negrete tells The Hollywood Reporter.”Everything ended up falling into place, with little force, down to the last shot of Jesse cowering inside his apartment. It all felt too perfect, almost as if the reason ‘Snowman’ was written was so our parody could exist.”

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