We expected an influx of look-back videos after the Darth Vader look-back video was made. This time we get a chance to look-back at the life of Walter White, the infamous Eisenhower in the hit series Breaking Bad. Looking at this video just made us realize what an awesome series this was. Have a look at some of our highlights from Breaking Bad after the look-back video.

Walter White from Breaking Bad Facebook Look-Back Video:

GeekShizzle’s Breaking Bad look-back:

1. Get pumped with this awesome fan-made video from all episodes up to the second last episode:


2. Enjoy Screenjunkies giving Breaking Bad the Honest Trailer treatment, you do not want to miss this one:


3. Next, move on to a complete list of every death in Breaking Bad so far, thats a total of 260 deaths!

4. Have a look at the most shocking moments in the show to date


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