Andrew Garfield decided to weigh in and break the silence about the immensely disappointing ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ sequel. For those of you who haven’t seen Marc Webb’s “The Amazing Spider-Man 2“, don’t rush to the stores for your Blu-Ray copy just yet. In my humbled opinion, it is one of the worst movies to hit the franchise since Spidey’s comic books have been adapted to big screen. Geeks looking forward to see “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” will have to keep the cosplay outfits dry-cleaned for another two years with the dates for the third installment pushed back from 2016 to 2018. It will hopefully provide enough time for Sony to figure out how to fix the mess they created in the second installment.  At least director Marc Webb will have another two years to redeem himself.

The villain drenched sequel managed to knock out a CinemaScore of B+, which in short, is not exactly the humdinger Sony expected. Who can blame audiences for not appreciating Sam Raimi film repeats that once again features Uncle Ben dying; I thought we are done with all the Tobey style crying about things in the past?! Failing to be the springboard to most of what is expected Spidey, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” was in no means a movie that laid foundations. At most, the second installment only catered for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”. We expected a full on expansion into what we were led to believe is the foundation flick for the “Sinister Six”, but we only got glimpses of many villains.

Andrew Garfield Says Sony’s Script Changes Messed Up 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Andrew Garfield Says Sony’s Script Changes Messed Up ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’
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Drew Goddard is currently penning the script, and he is tapped to helm the upcoming “Sinister Six” movie set to be released in 2016. “Venom” is planned to follow the year after, but will we have a repeat of Webb’s sequel? Still, a $700 million take seems like a huge success, but poor reviews and a terrible cinema score might just kill any interest fans might have for future installments. The other question that is standing in the corner like a red-headed stepchild waiting to be punished….will Spidey’s universe survive if no plans are made to link it with Marvel/Disney’s ever expanding universe? Garfield says he knows why “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” didn’t go according to plan. Speaking to “The Daily Beast”, the actor spilled the beans about negative reviews and production changes that affected the sequel.


Let’s get into it:

Garfield says he enjoyed the first draft that was written:

“I read a lot of the reactions from people and I had to stop because I could feel I was getting away from how I actually felt about it. For me, I read the script that Alex [Kurtzman] and Bob [Orci] wrote, and I genuinely loved it. There was this thread running through it,”

He mentioned that portions of the original script were removed which severely altered the storyline:

“I think what happened was, through the pre-production, production, and post-production, when you have something that works as a whole, and then you start removing portions of it – because there was even more of it than was in the final cut, and everything was related. Once you start removing things and saying, ‘No, that doesn’t work,’ then the thread is broken, and it’s hard to go with the flow of the story.” “Certain people at the studio had problems with certain parts of it, and ultimately the studio is the final say in those movies because they’re the tentpoles, so you have to answer to those people.”

He added about the deleted scenes from Parker’s childhood:

“Talking about the experience as opposed to how it was perceived, I got to work in deep scenes that you don’t usually see in comic book movies, and I got to explore this orphan boy – a lot of which was taken out, and which we’d explored more. It’s interesting to do a postmortem. I’m proud of a lot of it and had a good time, and was a bit taken aback by the response.”

Andrew Garfield Says Sony’s Script Changes Messed Up 'Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Andrew Garfield Says Sony’s Script Changes Messed Up ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Understanding the concerns raised from critics, he says there are lessons to be learned from their mistakes:

“We can’t go, ‘Oh God, we [frick]ed up because all these people are saying all these things. It’s s**t.’ We have to ask ourselves, ‘What do we believe to be true?’ Is it that this is the fifth Spider-Man movie in however many years, and there’s a bit of fatigue? Is it that there was too much in there? Is it that it didn’t link? If it linked seamlessly, would that be too much? Were there tonal issues? What is it? I think all that is valuable.”

He rounded up the chat by addressing the criticism received so far:

“Constructive criticism is different from people just being d**ks, and I love constructive criticism. Hopefully, we can get underneath what the criticism was about, and if we missed anything.”

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