HearthStone Naxx

If you’ve played the first wing of the new HearthStone expansion ‘The Curse of Naxxramas‘ then you would have probably realized how impossibly difficult it is to beat the 3 villains on the most difficult level, heroic. We’ve posted the videos of some of our favourite Youtube legends here who managed to beat them.

But, unless you are as good as these guys, beating them on the heroic difficulty means you need one card, one legendary called Alexstrasza. Basically Alexstrasza enables you to change a heroes health to 15. This is a massive bonus seeing as the health of the 3 enemy heroes are 45 on the heroic difficulty.

News are rolling in from players who just started playing the second wing, the Plague Quarter, that Alexstrasza  is getting completely nerfed. To such an extend that the card is immediately destroyed. Wow.. this is a big and bold step by Blizzard.

Here’s a video from german player MC Hell, the translation is:

This is heroic Naxxramas! I won’t stand for such cheap tactics here!

It appears that not only will Alexstrasza’s battle cry not allowed, but the card is destroyed by Kel’Thuzad, leaving you with no minion and zero mana crystals. You have been warned! This makes the Alexstrasza Nerf Official In Heartstone Curse of Naxxramas Plague Quarter. We’re glad we didn’t spend all our gold on crafting one.

Do you agree with the nerf?