Standing out as one of Television’s most highly acclaimed series, “Boardwalk Empire” will sadly come to an end after season 5 as most fans are aware. We will surely miss the historical take on Atlantic City, while the story takes us back to the prohibition era filled with booze, broads, gambling and gangsters. Steve Buscemi has been the anchor for HBO’s period drama series, playing political boss Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson as he runs Atlantic City as the undisputed king of corruption. Best known for his questionable activities as a bootlegger, Nucky’s political influence and backroom dealings enables a lifestyle fit for royalty.

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“Boardwalk Empire” poster courtesy of HBO.com.

“Boardwalk Empire” poster courtesy of HBO.com.

The fifth and final season will be set during the great depression when all the glitz and glamour of their glory years will be long forgotten. According to Michael K. Williams who portrays Albert “Chalky” White, the final season will flash forward seven years when “the days of the shiny shoes and fancy suits are long gone”.

The fifth installment will premiere on Sunday, September 7, on HBO.