Things will not get any easier for Nucky Thompson, Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein and the rest of the unscrupulous businessmen in HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire”. The critically acclaimed crime and period drama series set during the Prohibition era will flash forward seven years for its fifth and final season.

“Boardwalk Empire” poster courtesy of

“Boardwalk Empire” poster courtesy of

Michael K. Williams who portrays Albert “Chalky” White, a powerful gangster in Atlantic City, revealed that the next installment would be set during the Great Depression:

“The storyline has jumped seven years [into the future], which is why I have the beard now,”

“The Depression has set in. The days of the shiny shoes and fancy suits are long gone.”

Williams also elaborated on what is in store for Chalky in those seven years after the death of his daughter in the Season 4 finale:

 “It ended very badly for Chalky last year,”

“His family life is no more, and he is desperately seeking Dr. Narcisse to settle old scores.”

Michael K. Williams as Albert "Chalky" White

Michael K. Williams as Albert “Chalky” White

Dr. Valentin Narcisse, played by Jeffrey Wright, is a prominent New York businessman who wangled his way into business with Chalky which ended with disastrous consequences.

Asked if it means we will see him sharing the screen with Wright again, he replied:

“I hope so. I’m a huge fan of Jeffrey, and I really enjoy working with him.”

“Boardwalk Empire” follows the story of Nucky Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi), the corrupt Republican politician and gangster. Known by many as the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City, he built his empire on booze, blood and broads. The premium cable channel made the announcement on January 9, that the award-winning show will gracefully bow out despite its considerably solid ratings.