Even thought we have seen countless reports suggesting that Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner will share the big screen for the upcoming “Bourne 5”, it seems more unlikely with additional reliable sources debunking the duo’s onscreen introduction. The latest report suggesting we will see the Treadstone and Operation Outcome guinea pigs back in action was not debunked which raised hopes initially, and soon after more reports emerged fueling rumors of Damon’s return. The internet rumor machine spat out stories suggesting that the recently announced released date delay for the upcoming  untitled “Bourne” movie was to accommodate Damon’s return. The rumor was however put to rest by longtime producer of the franchise, Frank Marshall.

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Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner

He told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s simply not true,”. Furthermore, the producer said we can expect Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross to return for the fifth installment. .

He had the following to say about the release date delay:

“[Director] Justin Lin is working with Andrew Baldwin on an Aaron Cross script/story that they pitched us a few months ago,”

“I talk to Justin all the time and the script is not ready. It’s a summer movie, and if we don’t start preproduction now, we can’t make next summer. Therefore, it’s a wise decision to move to 2016.”

“Bourne 5” was originally set to be released on August 14, 2015. The anticipated “sidequel” will now make its way to theaters on July 15, 2016.