South Korean sensation PSY has made history with his humorous music video for his viral smash hit single “Gangnam Style”. The title of the popular song is one of the most famous quotations of 2012, and now, PSY enters the record books again as he soars past two billion views on YouTube. He previously made history with his mash hit video by hitting the 1 billion views mark on YouTube. Recognized by the media as the “King of YouTube”, PSY rules with the most views on the video-sharing website’s history.

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

The announcement was made On May 31, 2014. YouTube broke the news first via Twitter:

“@psy_oppa’s #GangnamStyle just became the first YouTube video to hit 2 billion views!”

PSY tweeted to his 3.46 million fanatic followers:

“Two billion views; they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers. With the appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!”

This might also tickle your fancy:


Never seen the Music video for “Gangnam Style”? It’s epic, enjoy!