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Gangnam Park Remixes Linkin Park to Gangnam Style

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Just when we thought we’ve heard Psy’s Gangnam Style for the last time, YouTuber Rosalina Sama went and remixed the entire Hybrid Theory album by Linkin Park to include the Gangnam Style themed music. We can deal with one track, but the entire album? All 12 songs? The remixed album is titled Psybrid Theory. We’re not quite sure how the guys from Linkin Park feel about this, but if anything we suspect they may feel just as we do: Shocked! That is of course if they didn’t have a say in this. Seeing as Linkin Park’s known for bringing out some pretty strange remixed versions of their music…this may be the case.

We would have liked Gangnam Style to finally die a slow death, but looking at the amount of hits the Youtube uploaded versions of his remixes has gathered, Psy is not quite done yet.

Here’s a few of the songs, you can check-out the rest on his Youtube Channel:

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