As the speculations and rumours grow concerning Apple’s iPhone 6. We felt it necessary to  give our own list of what we want to be in/on the new iPhone 6. Doing a quick Google of what the most people want from the latest iPhone will yield pretty similar results. We thought it wise to mention what the most generic consensus is amongst most apple fans, and then give our iPhone 6 must have list.

What the most people want

Certain things will always increase, and hence we did not feel it necessary to put on the list, things like the CPU, Memory and technical specs, as well as the camera. They will always get bigger, better and stronger and naturally increases with every iPhone model iteration.

1. A bigger screen – Personally we don’t care for the size of the screen. We’ve never been a fan of the big Samsung phones but the world proved that it is ready and wants/likes phones with bigger screens. We simply don’t get this. We share Steve Jobs’ opinion here, where you need to be able to perform any operation on the phone with one hand. Steve Job’s was anal about this. Hence the size of the iPhone 4 and all previous models. But, sales is what matters and if the demand is there for bigger phones then surely Apple will jump in and for the first time emulate it’s competitors with also producing a bigger sized iPhone.

2. Better battery life – This is a universal demand from all Smartphones worldwide. C’mon guys. Give me a phone with a battery that will last more than 1 day! No manufacturer has been able to accommodate the demand from the consumers here. Either give us an easier way to charge our phones (wireless), or make the battery better.

Also, with the phones getting bigger, and the games and apps getting more graphically intense it only makes things worse for the poor battery. We hope there is some scientific breakthrough. Do it smart scientists! If you can clone a sheep then surely you can create a battery that lasts 2 days?

3. Higher Screen Resolution – With a bigger screen must come a higher screen resolution. The iPhone 5S only sports a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels and while this amounts to a comparatively high pixel density, it’s well behind Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that offers a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display. In addition the iPhone 5S still uses an LCD display while Samsung has offered what’s called an AMOLED screen in the Galaxy S4.


What We Want

1. Better battery life as described above. Or give us Wireless Charging.

2. Higher Screen resolution as described above

3.  Thinner iPhone – Why? Because it looks freaking awesome that’s why. Like the MacBook Air, there is no technical advantage or a specific reason why it should be thinner. All i thinner model will do is show off the amazing design and craftsmanship that Apple posses. Give me a super thin phone and make it Gorilla proof so it cant break.

4. Waterproof phone and camera. This is another nice to have feature. But image hoe awesome it would be to jump into the pool and take pictures underwater? Waterproofing is not a new technology when it comes to phones. Check here.

5. Scratch and dent proof – I personally do not like putting a cover over my gloriously designed iPhone. It is like throwing a blanket over a Monet painting. Nobody can see it. But, sadly no matter how protective I am, it does get the odd scratch and dent. Give us an iPhone that is scratch and dent proof! Once again the technology is already there.

We only mentioned our must have features here. Obviously we also expect upgrades and enhancements to the generic and common aspects like memory, CPU, camera and iOS features.

What do you think? Agree?