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Who is ready for a romantic take on HBO’s crime drama series “True Detective”? Ready or not Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogan treated the audience to a love story title “True Detective 2”! The spoof of the record-breaking series was released a day after the real show’s season 1 finale, which aired on Sunday, March 9.

Kimmel introduced the clip saying:

“Next season will follow two completely different detectives on a completely different case,”

“There’s been much speculation about which actors will be tapped to play those roles, and I’m excited to announce here at Southwest the identity of those actors, and also to announce that it is going to be set here in Austin next season.”

The two comedians talk about each other in separate interviews. Kimmel said about his “partner”:

“You don’t pick your parents and you don’t pick your partner. You need to understand, Seth was intense. He came out of years deep narco”

Rogen said:

“I put a great deal of terrible s**t in my body when I was under. I swallowed a whole bottle of children’s Tylenol PM, and not just the pills – the bottle. Costco size. I pooped out the whole bottle, opened it, and ate its contents. That was for breakfast.”

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Kimmel’s skit continues while describing his partner:

“Seth had a way of using 10 dollar words, he liked to hear himself talk. Even though, I’m pretty sure, he had no idea what he was saying.”

Expect things to get really weird from this point onward as the clip cut to Rogen quoting Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” when talking to Kimmel and then Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”.

Rogen rhetorically asks Kimmel:

“Hey, are you lost?”

They break out in a duet singing:

” ‘Cuz, if you are lost, you can look. You will find me, time after time.”

I will not spoil the ending, check out the clip!