The late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is providing a helping hand to market Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World” to female audiences. The hilarious clip includes a romantic comedy flavor from “Love Actually”. Now re-branded “Thor Actually” set against Katrina and the Waves’ classic “Walking on Sunshine”, the rom-com superhero spin-off features the love story between the god of thunder and his mortal love interest.

Kimmel introduced the fake trailer saying:

“These superhero movies do very well at the box office,”

“They’re primarily seen by men, but in an attempt to bring more women into the theater this weekend, Marvel is trying to market it to women, too.”

Thor gets the rom-com treatment

Thor gets the rom-com treatment

The voice-over says:

“Jane Foster was looking for love in all the wrong places, until a blast from the past came out of nowhere to sweep her off her feet and make her wildest dreams come true,”

They end of the clip with these final convincing words:

“Sometimes the strongest force in the universe is love.”